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Researching new ways to write software that make it easier for newcomers to understand rather than for insiders to maintain. Build easy, reward curiosity, encourage lots of forks, delete unused features, more antifragile society.

Current project:

Rather than start with a desired syntax, Mu starts from the processor's instruction set and tries to get to _some_ safe and clear syntax with as few layers of translation as possible.

It's a Monday morning, so have a couple of manifestos (manifestoes? manifesti?) that meet my mood:

The Code It Yourself Manifesto by Christian Kellerman (h/t @crc):

The Handmade Manifesto by Andrew Chronister (h/t @owl):

@akkartik ding ding ding 🔔 Yes, both are from Alexander's A Pattern Language.

Let's stop calling it 'recommendations' and call it what it is: upselling.

my bio translates to "come, let's sit in the shade / this shade does not belong to anyone" from the inimitable ziad rahbani

«Recycling violates every principle of human-centered design», writes user-friendly design expert Don Norman. «And business culture is to blame.»

Took a few minutes this morning to put together a hex editor that shows the hex values and resulting chr sprite side-by-side.

git weirdness/annoyance 

This is strange. I've switched my repo's trunk branch to main, but an accidental `git checkout master` does.. something. Checks out some strange hash. `git branch` lists all my branches; no master. `git tag` lists all my tags; no master. `git branch -a` somehow lists `remotes/origin/master`, even though GitHub shows no such branch, and there's no `master` file anywhere in my local .git directory.

$ find .git/ |grep master
$ grep master .git/refs -r

Whoa, I just found out about How do people know about it? It's not on the top nav or on

The Case Against Tablets

As I hunt for new computing hardware, I’m coming to the conclusion that tablets are simply a mistake. And yes, strongly informed by using one as a primary device for 5 years.

An ultra-light laptop has better utility and vastly superior privacy.

The one killer function, reading documents, seems better served by an e-book reader. ...

I'm exploring this question on Diaspora, with some good suggestions. Upshot is that tablets do most things poorly and virtually nothing well. And the landscape fully sucks.

Text reading and possibly notetaking is the major exception. And for that, an e-ink reader is the preferred option.

I'm surveying what uses people have, multi-response, with a goal more of completeness than representation. Please explain "Other".

#Tablets #Devices #Laptops #Desktops #Servers #Embedded #Mobile #Android #iOS #TheCaseAgainstTablets

It took a while, but I've finally ported a pre-existing Mu program to baremetal: an RPN calculator.

This was _hard_, purely because of cursor management. I have a greater appreciation for everything that display hardware and terminal emulators provide for text mode. Mu so far puts the onus on the programmer.

In the end it's interesting to visualize the changes I had to make:

vim -d apps/ baremetal/

They're entirely in `main`; the rest is unchanged.

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@ashley @akkartik apart from the content what I love about those recordings is just the cadence and rhythm of her voice.

@ashley @akkartik I'm glad you found it there -- I did that Internet Archive upload!

Fast & Bulbous (9″x12″)
Micron on bristol

Generating shapes with noise patterns. It's great fun to tweak the parameters until it creates something I like.

This #plotter drawing and others available at



This has been on my mind for a long time, and now it's a real thing!

What if..

mastodon, except without federation. Each instance has the space to develop its own deeply unique culture, separate from the rest of the internet. And while travel between instances is possible, it's more akin to going on a journey to a far away place, and finding yourself immersed in their local instance's culture, vs simply seeing other instance's members aggregated in your local timeline.

Worked on two new #plotter drawings last night.

Radiant Labyrinth #1 & #2
Micron pens on bristol.

Lots of tight outward lines that take advantage of slight misalignment between the colors. The center has a small, tight maze pattern.

Both are available at

These were inspired by the paintings of Richard Anuszkiewicz.


it's not much, but it executes code!

@crc's #retroforth #forth (barebones) on #teensy 4.1 over serial

cc @vertigo because he <3s the forth and platform hax ;)

Bootstrapping a Forth interpreter from hand-written tiny ELF binary. 

A nice example on how to bootstrap a forth system from a bare minimal binary:
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