*Advent of code in Mu*

Day 1 part 1 solution (don't click if you don't want to be spoiled):

Took me about 40 minutes. In the process, I had to:

* Fix a bug in reading lines from stdin into streams

* Start trailing newlines when parsing ints from streams

* Implement `find` in an array

We'll see how long I can keep this up. Linear scans will soon not cut it.

Project page:

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*Advent of code in Mu*

Day 1 part 2 (same deal, same spoiler alert, just more brute force):

Part 1 took 40 minutes and part 2 took 18. Therefore I'm getting better at this.

Project page:

in Mu

Day 3 solutions (spoiler alert):

60 minutes. Lost 11 minutes debugging a silly mistake (see commit log)

No new Mu bugs found, no machine-code hacking was needed.

Project page:

in Mu

I seem to be settling into a pattern of solving these on alternate days. Late for one round, early for the next.

Day 4 solutions (spoiler alert): (utterly ghastly)

2.5 hours. 2 machine-code bugs found, 1 new (terribly named) library primitive added:

Day 5 solutions:

30 minutes. No new Mu bugs found.

Project page:

@akkartik What is this mu thing? It looks delicious. :)

@cymen Thank you! Lately this is my 1-sentence summary:

> Rather than start from some syntax and introduce layers of translation to implement it, Mu starts from the [x86] processor's instruction set and tries to get to _some_ safe and clear syntax with as few layers of translation as possible.

Check out the Readme for more: I'd love to hear what questions you have after skimming the first couple of paragraphs.

@akkartik It's not a question but: Shit, my processor is 64bit.

@cymen Should work on x86_64! It'll just run in 32-bit mode.

At least until Linux kills 32-bit.

Please tell me if there are issues.

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