@bonifartius @akkartik In terms of the energy cost of networking, video is currently the main component. But with augmented reality this could become a lot worse because it requires sending voxels instead of pixels, so the data would grow enormously in size.

@wim_v12e Suddenly my choice of a single 1024x768 screen resolution in my computer seems like it may be on the right side of history.


@akkartik In the abstract, more resource constrained devices would be ideal. But I am always reminded of Asimov's novel "The Gods Themselves". Basically, once people are used to a certain level of comfort, they don't want to sacrifice for anything: "they want it enough to refuse to believe they can't have it."
However, I believe maintaining the current level for longer would be more easily acceptable.

@wim_v12e @akkartik It might also be possible to change people's ideas about "levels of comfort" just like it's possible to change people's ideas about "what is trendy" etc. Make the big look ugly.

I personally feel anxiety about too big screens and too high resolutions. Moderate and low resolutions feel more homely, tangible and down-to-earth.

I don't understand why so many people want these huge TVs in their homes. It's scary. Though I assume you refer to screens for computing.

I think it is definitely worth trying to change people's attitudes towards computing. Using things for longer would actually be convenient. And "make the big look ugly" is a great idea for a campaign!


@wim_v12e Big TVs = software updates = more vulnerabilities. If they require an app, that's more loss of privacy. And after all that you won't get HD because you have the wrong cable. It's all so incredibly user hostile. @viznut

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