I have a lot of respect for the FSF. I think GPL v2 is probably the best license out there. I certainly don't think Android is an unalloyed good the way ariadnavigo.xyz/posts/what-the does. And yet, this makes me incredibly sad:


The whole goal of GNU was to combat proprietary software. Deliberately over-engineering software just to distinguish itself from another that also has a permissive license (BSD), how is this making the world better?


Thanks to Kragen Sitaker (canonical.org/~kragen) for educating me that the goal isn't to distinguish itself from BSD but from proprietary Unixes. The more complex an implementation, the less likely it is to be found infringing AT&T or other distributions who just happened to encode some code fragment first. Proving that a fragment of code is too simple to copyright is too uphill a battle to systemically rely upon.

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