Just signed out of Google for the first time in years.

We'll see how long it lasts. Then identify what makes me sign in, eliminate, rinse, repeat.

@akkartik wish there was a good calendar alternative

@aw I stopped using it years ago (outside of work). Calendar is not a good calendar alternative.

@aw It's a hodge-podge. teamup.com is probably the closest thing I use. But mostly I send people emails. They send me GCal invites, and I transcribe them to whatever works for me.


@aw I've been trying to follow my rule of, "for every niche use a company that lives or dies based on just that niche." No conglomerates for me anymore.

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@aw What got me to give up on GCal was the umpteenth sync bug where I entered an invite on one device but it failed to replicate to another. Now I don't have any syncing and I'm happier for it.

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