Building resilient systems

Systems are made of parts.

If you have too many parts, the odds of one of them failing go up.

If you have too few parts, any single part failing has a larger impact.


Arrange the parts in multiple phases over time. Like bulkheads, failures get isolated to a single phase.

Within a phase, use few parts to improve your odds.

Example: use git to generate your site, but host it on Netlify. Now you can build without Netlify and serve traffic without Github.


@rainhead Hey, Peter! It was kinda triggered by the Netlify outage this morning, though it's been gestating for a while.

When I made Mu I was kinda over-indexing on the Trusting Trust attack. These days I've learned to relax and not worry about it. There's a lot of hardening in the world's C compiler infrastructure. Any backdoor has either stayed hidden for decades or required collusion between a compiler and a specific C program. That's a bulkhead.

I program more in C since this realization 😄

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