@jk I just tried downloading something on Lagrange for the first time. It seems to complete without error, but the download folder (my home directory according to prefs.cfg) has nothing. Am I doing something wrong?

I've been using Lagrange for a few months (thanks!) but I just tried this with the latest version as well and had the same result. Which leads me to wonder if I'm missing something..

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@akkartik Are you by any chance running the Flathub build? Due to sandboxing, it does not have write access to your entire home directory, just the XDG download folder.

@jk At the moment, the latest version I downloaded was the AppImage. I'm running it on Ubuntu 20.04.

The previous version was built from source.

@jk I tried changing the download setting in prefs.cfg to ~/Downloads but after a restart it still seems to think my downloads folder is my home directory. I have been checking both in these experiments..

I do occasionally see an error about a read-only file system, so I think you're right about the cause, but I don't understand why it's happening.

@akkartik FWIW, I haven't received any bug reports about this, so it may be an issue specific to your system.

Let me know if you find the cause, maybe there's some info that can help others, too. Good luck!

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