unix was theoretically a sensible design relative to its original intentions. it (and its derivatives) are horrific candidates for your personal operating system when considering any reason other than: they are available.

@deianeira Considering that the originators have tried to build replacements (e.g. plan9) I suspect that they'd agree with you. I see AR rigs (glasses, then contacts, then implants) as maybe our last opportunity to make better choices. Once a couple of stacks have a stable duopoply on that hardware we're pretty much locked in without a major disruption in culture and politics.


@trevorflowers There'll be people saying something similar to @deianeira's toot 20 years after any new platform.

Me, I'll settle for any AR platform that provides as much openness to hacking as Unix and its derivatives today. Or even Windows! I never thought I'd find myself defending PCs as the last bastion of openness. But a more open/hackable platform with poor UX is far better on balance for society than, say, today's popular touch screens.

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