I've been working on a note-taking program

To be precise, I've been migrating my existing 10+ year old note-taking workflows out of terminal and unix tools into a more integrated and hopefully more accessible environment.

Not released yet, but here's a demo (5 minutes, 13MB): archive.org/details/akkartik-p

(or youtu.be/u3WP0Lqbj00)

cc @vertigo @neauoire @zens


I'm doing a major migration of my notes schema to make it work better with my note-taking app. In the process I've been reading a random (mostly embarrassing) sampling of 10+ years of notes. But here's a non-embarrassing one:

Jun 2012: I need fuck you software.

That pretty much explains why I started github.com/akkartik/mu 2 years later 😂

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