✅ Edit source code from within the app
✅ Edit source code for source code editor from within the app
✅ Create graphical debug experiences for source code editor from within the app

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Today I went through and gave every fork of lines.love the ability to modify and debug its own source code. Just press ctrl+e to edit the sources.


It's kinda funny to add a code editor to a text editor. The code editor can hide debug prints, and has a teeny bit of colorization. On the other hand it doesn't (yet) support drawings or selecting text.

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"Here's 6kLoC, now go reinvent Smalltalk."


An example LÖVE repo that can be used to modify its own sources.

Editor: a lightly forked version of akkartik.name/lines.html

Debugger: a graphical log of what the program did, as demonstrated in merveilles.town/@akkartik/1088

These tools aren't general-purpose. Instead, they're intended to evolve with the sole app they're used to modify: themselves.

Here's the final demo of the project I did for last week's Wheel Reinvention Jam: rethinking development tools to center debug by print. I think you can replace the benefits of debuggers and save on a bunch of complexity in language infrastructure and tooling.


Current state of my note-taking app

Things of note:
* Operates on a hard-coded directory of text files.
* No overlapping, no tiling, just an infinite 2D surface of columns. Commands open new columns.
* Wordstar-style menu up top of important commands in current context, and their shortcuts.
* Command palette at top left that filters commands available in current context.
* Files/nodes can have links. Links can form graphs, as the picture shows (original: maplefish.com/todd/papers/Expe)


Exporting files created by lines.love to markdown+SVG

This is a feature that doesn't have to be bundled with the main app.

lines.love: akkartik.name/lines.html

export: codeberg.org/akkartik/lines2md

Notes for a new note-taking app in my existing note-taking system, augmented with basic line drawings.

Extremely jank, but still oh so much better than not having pictures at all.

(List based on notion.so/A-Pattern-Language-f by Yoshiki Schmitz, notion.so/About-Me-7543563c194)

@jk I just tried downloading something on Lagrange for the first time. It seems to complete without error, but the download folder (my home directory according to prefs.cfg) has nothing. Am I doing something wrong?

I've been using Lagrange for a few months (thanks!) but I just tried this with the latest version as well and had the same result. Which leads me to wonder if I'm missing something..

Experiment: two ways of drawing polygons.

In the first, I have more control over the vertices and can make irregular polygons. The second is more expressive for making regular polygons, and just looks cooler.

Gravity simulation for the kids


It's amazing how short the core of Newton's law of gravity is:

theta = angle(sun.x,sun.y, sat.x, sat.y)
dist = distance(sun.x,sun.y, sat.x,sat.y)
accelx = K*cos(theta)/dist/dist
accely = K*sin(theta)/dist/dist
velx = velx + dt*accelx
vely = vely + dt*accely
posx = posx + velx
posy = posy + vely

The Energy Systems Language for composing energy flow diagrams in systems ecology.

H.T. Odum used analog computers to make system models due to their intrinsic value; electronic circuits are of value for modelling natural systems which are assumed to obey the laws of energy flow, because the circuits are natural systems and also obey the known laws of energy flow. The form of energy just happens to be electrical.


Shower thought: we delay teaching kids geometry until we can trust them not to poke someone's eye out with the pointy end of a compass.

Here's a little program to do compass-and-straightedge geometrical construction on a computer: gist.github.com/akkartik/20a0c

I just did a fun bit of retrocomputing archeology.

I wanted to give the kids a Paint program, so I did a quick Google in my current favorite framework and found love2d.org/forums/viewtopic.ph. Ran great and was loads of fun, but looked a bit.. off. Some of the colors were missing, and clicking on the black rectangles sometimes abruptly changed the color. Turns out:

"In versions prior to 11.0, color component values were within the range of 0 to 255 instead of 0 to 1." (love2d.org/wiki/love.graphics.)

Oh love2d.org, why won't you let me love you.

I made an account a couple of days ago and posted on this thread: love2d.org/forums/viewtopic.ph

WhatsTheMusicYo, it seems like you downloaded the program from the very first message, which was posted back in 2013. Picking the messages at the bottom works for me.


love2d.org/forums/viewtopic.ph (color)

What's even more bonkers: There's no way to read the full notification.

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