Would anyone here watch me develop the different brains of the Wireworld Player in a live stream or video series?

I took a stab at reorganizing Mu's directory tree. It had gradually sprawled from old stuff at the top-level to new stuff in sub-directories. Now the top-level contains what I want people to see first, and build tools for each directory are in a sub-directory.

Building a disk image before: `./translate_mu_baremetal baremetal/life.mu`

After: `./translate life.mu`

Building an ELF binary before:
`./translate_mu apps/hello.mu`

`cd linux; ./translate hello.mu`


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Emacs/Org pipe dream 

Idea I have not put enough thought into: adapting my workflows to lower-powered devices could mean finding/building some kind of Minimum Viable Org... Reducing Org and reducing Emacs to the absolute bare minimum.

Not just to make it lighter, but to focus it in a way. What are the essential primitives of a text-based outlining/writing/whatever-Org-is system?

If Plan 9 was an evolutionary step after Unix, what is *that* but for Org?

Have you cloned the Mu repo and tried to make sense of it? Do you have any suggestions for improving the directory organization? I'm starting to revisit it, so would appreciate any thoughts you have. (Even if this gets you to clone the repo for the first time.)


@inscript I went to Texas: apps.cs.utexas.edu/apps/tech-r

These are public institutions, so I'm very glad they don't have paywalls. (Yet?)

@ndpi Definitely on my mind a lot lately. I'm watching for PC-sized (i.e. more than a few KB of RAM) boards and curious to see what choices they make w.r.t. peripherals and firmware. I'm not an expert here.

I can scroll through the memory and change the code and sprites of the running computer.

I'm redrawing the cursor pointer sprites and various characters in memory.

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``The m suffix means specifically a "pymalloc" build of Python, and it may mean that the ABI of 3.7 on your platform is not the same as the ABI of 3.7m. Extension modules must be built for the specific ABI in question. This means that 3.7 extension modules won't work with 3.7m and vice-versa.''
Sigh. I felt that it would not be easy.
I have not yet internally accepted the blatant in my opinion incompatibility 2.7 and 3.5, but here they have already come up with some letter modifiers :(

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@xuv Working as designed! Slots in your OPML are cheap. What's expensive is your attention, and an unused feed uses none.

I currently have several tabs from sacrideo.us open, and it's very jarring that it has the same favicon as my own website 😂

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@dogstar @syntacticsugarglider @eris Interesting, I'll give it a watch. Is this the author of that APL compiler as well? I remember enjoying a talk a while back.

@syntacticsugarglider @dogstar @eris Oh you're working on it! Rock on! Sorry, I underestimated how far along you were in your thinking.

@roadriverrail I'll plug my stack which tries to build memory safety as quickly as possible.


I'm not an OS hacker, so I've been hoping that this approach will allow me to swim in the shallows of a simple DOS-like OS and avoid virtual memory and process boundaries.


@syntacticsugarglider @dogstar @eris Restructurable feels like a realistic goal, but I'm not so sure about composable. Composable systems are few and far between. Forth is infinitely composable, but Forth programs I write are extremely unlikely to be composable.

Aiming simultaneously for ephemeral and infinitely composable is like wanting to have your cake and eat it too. A golden mean may be to start from a composable foundation -- but not build too high above it! Give others space to explore.

@dogstar mhm! the tough part is ideas and getting started, honestly. current hardware isn't built for throwing away the software stack at a moment's notice. it's too adapted to preconceptions.

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