plugging my related/inspired work:

the idea being that the $macros in Ronin could/should be reusable less-special concepts, maybe

@neauoire No worries 😄 Just trying to get answers right now, but I'll try to submit a PR with some improvements. This is wonderful.

One reason I got on the path of checking out your stuff today: it seems like a pretty nice portfolio of "early apps a computer should have". Like if I had some way to say get rid of the dependency on a heavyweight browser and Javascript.

@neauoire I just spent some time playing with your 100r.co/site/ronin.html. Most interesting, the way it combines typing with gesturing. Reminds me a bit of Plan9 tools (like how you can type words into menus in Acme and then click on them to run).

I'm reading the docs now. What does `text` do, print some text to the canvas? It has a bunch of arguments. Are all required?

What do functions like `(sin)` do?

Discord is somewhere in the triangle between Twitter, Slack, and Mastodon.

@akkartik I wouldn't bother about 32bit ARM these days, unless you're doing microcontroller stuff. Finding useful desktop boards at sane prices is hard; very few have PCIe for example [I think some of the PI 4 variants do? have a single link]. There are things like the Honeycomb: shop.solid-run.com/product-cat but you can get quite a PC for the money.

@vgr I hadn't appreciated how useful the local timeline can be. Mastodon.social is like a city, but merveilles.town is small and focused enough that random toots here are likely to be interesting to me.

Over recent months I've been following more and more people from this instance. Now I don't even have to bother.

(It seems like some people also discovered Mu through the local timeline here. But that's a secondary consideration.)

@person Perfect is the enemy of good. I want something more open than iOS (and the direction macOS is going). Something repairable like IBM PCs used to be. Source code for the processor is nice to have, but not if it limits the number of people I can collaborate with.

I already use x86. But there's some signs of it being an evolutionary dead end. So I'm trying to think about where the future may lie. ARM seems a good guess. Also RISC V, once it gets farther along.

@akkartik This is something I'm also fairly interested in. I would absolutely recommend an RK3399 based SBC. The RK3399 has excellent support for libre operating systems, including a very usable blobless Linux (or linux-libre) kernel.

I know Pine64 offers an RK3399 SBC but apparently there are issues with blobless video out.

ASUS Tinkerboard 2 uses an RK3399, though I haven't heard if that machine offers blobless video out or not (or if the video out issue with Pine64's SBC offerings is fixed)

I just had a face palm moment, realized laptops are now a lot less important while we're all stuck home anyway. So I'm thinking of getting myself a desktop (first time ever!) with an ARM processor. Anybody have recommendations? Should probably run Linux.

Yeah, an ARM computer at my fingertips might reduce the energy barrier to getting Mu running on ARM/RPi. And it's time to stop focusing so much on my own convenience, focus instead on open platforms.

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@vgr I defected to a new instance :) That exposed me to some interesting fedi-specific experiences.

Dear Gates Foundation: Look, this is your moment to go Full Supervillain on us for the world's good. Tell the world you're deploying mind control vaccine mist via chemtrails, but that people wearing masks might escape, as long as they're not too close to anyone infected. Rebrand "SARS-COV-19 vaccine" to "Chemtrail Microchip Antidode". You can do this.

i like this
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Just got two of these in the mail and look forward to trying: disaster.radio/learn/

@npisanti For sure! I'm going to add division soon. Mu only got floating point a few weeks ago.

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