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did you know that transparent aluminium is a thing that exists? it’s kind of amazing.

Me: "You know that the whole world has Know Your Customer laws that make the entire Crypto part of Cryptocurrencies a complete dead-weight waste of time and effort, right?"

Crypto enthusiast: "..."

"It's an MLM scheme for people who know how to upgrade their GPU."


The new cold war is every country trolling every other country's most problematic groups into action

Verrry nearly done with this damn model, just need to do a lowpoly pass on the wings and bake. Seriously happy with my pipeline now, after finding out that Marmoset handles baking much, much better than Substance.


Visualizing programs with side-effects in a postfix shell with a live-updating text-mode environment. Built all the way up from machine code without any dependencies (except an x86 processor and Linux kernel).

Project page:

More context:

Just got UART half working (Tx, no Rx yet) on uCISC processor. Sending a stream of asterisks to my desktop computer at 9600 baud. Have a few bugs still to work out, but I’m so close to being able to send messages back and forth to my processor.

current evolution of rough MNT Reform Handbook TOC

I spent the last few days in a Haskell rabbit hole searching for the shortest way to expand a quadtree grammar.

Here is my best try so far:

If you have any idea how this could be shortened further, please let me know!

Spent about 18 hours this week working on my COMFY-RV project, an assembly-like language for RISC-V embedded in Lisp inspired by Henry Baker’s design.
I haven’t done much with it yet, but doing low-level programming really is relaxing for me.

(example code in the screenshot is just a program that writes back what it reads on standard input)

uCISC is officially implemented in hardware now. Here is a LED animation demo written in the uCISC language running on the first ever working uCISC processor developed in verilog and running on a TinyFPGA Bx board at 8MHz.

In the last 3 days I've written 68 tests for error messages in the Mu compiler, adding up to about 4.5k lines of machine code. Utterly tedious, mind-numbing work with lots of copy-pasta. Just what the doctor ordered.


My instructor was Ms Brickell, and she taught me to sing a song. If you'd like to hear it I could sing it for you.

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