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@aphyr Have you read the E dissertation by Mark Samuel Miller? I'm curious what you think of it.

I wrote a sorta-minimalist template for my generative art needs. It's not exactly dependency free, but at least it doesn't pull in a ton of NPM packages!

I think it's just right for my needs, and I hope other people will find it useful, too.

Last week I released my latest side project: an application to create animated and interactive drawings.

It's not really a tool, more a toy designed to have fun.
I'll share more about it in the coming days

enjoy ->

@akkartik a year or two ago, I set out to make it stupid easy to create a disk image. I think I succeeded; it's now so easy that you can compile the whole system just by opening a page in your browser containing the build script. It takes < 1 minute to build the system and create a disk image.

Some background <>

A demo: <>

(And a notable quote from the Terobo post: "A triple script is its *own* toolchain. In other words, the repo is the IDE.")

Playing Hiversaire rewritten in C(from Javascript) by @rezmason. It fills me with joy that this project will live on outside of the web ecosystem.

The dependencies between the code modules. Not super cool, but kinda cool.

I made a thing: <>

Ostensibly it's implementation of a (really crummy) assembler, but the true purpose is to showcase a (proposed) new form of media—an alternative take on literate programming that exploits the natural features of the Web browser instead of requiring special purpose tools and is inspired by the pragmatics of the design of Markdown.

ping @paul @akkartik

Blog post forthcoming.

After a week of work, I've managed to build the assembler, the terminal emulator, and now I've started building the PPU.

This is the first time UxnVM is able to draws pixels to the screen. Next is dev/mouse and dev/key

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This is a map of about a billion galaxies. Each galaxy has hundreds of billions of stars.

Pick a region at random. Zoom in, scroll a little, zoom in, scroll a little, repeat until you find a galaxy. There. You're likely the only human who has ever seen it and all the wonders it may contain. It's yours to hold. That's your little galaxy.

I continue to really like #rust as a programming language. Even though I'm writing more #raku these days, I still love Rust (and am writing something in it right now).

That said, it's increasingly clear to me that Rust is _primarily_ targeted at the Big Tech usecase (aka "at scale") and only secondarily interested in the Free Software usecase.

Today's news that the Rust Foundation is reserving *half* of its board seats for Big Tech provides additional confirmation.

Picture taken as we sailed underneath the golden gate bridge a few years ago.

@akkartik That's fair! I wish you luck with Mu. I hope you're aware that `mu` is the toki pona word for a generic animal sound, and quite a bit of a meme in said community!

My #fosdem talk – Imagining the Ideal Language for Writing Free Software – will start in ~30 minutes

I'd love to see you there and get a real conversation going in the Q&A afterwords!

(it starts at 2pm CET/1pm UTC/8am EST/5am PST)

I just came across the following message at the end of the man page for a new tool I installed:

> The only human language in which output is generated and in which documentation is available is English, regardless of the user's preferred language.

... that's honestly really nice to see. Admitting we have a problem is step 1.

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