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Success! After a few hours of playing with it over the weekend, I've gotten Cairo to draw to an in-memory texture and OpenGL to render it. Had a few issues at first — endianness screwing with colors, not reusing texture memory leading to massive leaks, scissor tests causing clipping — but they're sorted now and I can draw a box. It even has a Dear ImGui control to change the color!

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TFW you are on a return trip to Earth after carefully sampling the solar wind and your drogue shoot doesn't open as you enter the atmosphere, and instead of being gracefully plucked out of the sky by helicopters you crash face first into the Utah desert.

The Block-Barrel Spread Is Widening

The gap in price between a 40-pound block of fresh cheddar and a 500-pound barrel has widened steadily over the last two years. At the end of 2018, the average block-barrel spread hovered around $0.12. That’s well above the $0.07 average spread calculated for 2017 and triple the traditional $0.035 spread.

#business #finance #food #policy

The bug wasn't in Mu or in Bresenham. I just typoed when I edited the disk image 😂

Still lots of catastrophic bugs that require editing the disk image. The disk is clobbered on reboot because I added support for reading multiple sectors from disk but still only write one sector.

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Writing code _within_ the Mu computer

I tried and failed to implement Bresenham's line algo. Horizontal and vertical lines work.

No macros => lots of lambdas.

The computer keeps crashing because I type too fast (still can't brain interrupt handlers). It frequently saves to disk, but as an s-expression. Reboots lose indentation.

Ok, edit on host -> create disk image.

I have lots of little buffers. When they overflow the computer crashes. Without a call stack.

Thanks @tekknolagi for pairing!

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The SCHEME-79 Chip

A Scheme/Lisp computer with structured memory and hardware garbage-collection... implemented in Lisp.

"I’m of the opinion people won’t pay much for security. They’ll probably litigate for what happened in the past, but they probably won’t pay in the future." -- Todd Austin

Implementing orca in uxn is kicking my ass, maybe it's bigger than I can chew with my current knowledge.

Okay, this is probably an even better example of their performance. I'm not an expert by any means, but dang, they all seem absolutely solid performers. Fanny playing "Blind Alley":

Imagine becoming a fan of a band 50 years too late. 😆

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After a decade of waffling I finally started using NoScript. It's interesting. I mostly allow scripts, but make myself do so manually. And it's interesting to be aware of javascript usage on different sites. Like a geiger counter.

Just pushed to Uxn more progress in my in-Uxn assembler! Implemented so far:

✔ Load/store helpers
✔ Macro definitions

Missing are:

✖ Executing macros
✖ Literal data
✖ Opcodes

I'm sure you'll agree that not being able to write any actual code is a mere nitpick and I'm basically finished...

Left: Lv2 Grape Hyacinth BULBLING

🌱 burrows deep
🌷 cute of flower
🌻 bees like me

Right: Lv40 Grape Hyacinth SORROWLORD

🃏 mid-game boss
😭 inspires fear
🌋 automatically splits into 50 bulbs as you dig it up

Mu's HLL is now Turing-complete, I think.

Things to notice:
* Wordstar-style menu at the bottom.
* List of available primitive functions in bottom left.
* List of globals on the left side that updates as I add definitions.
* Matching parens highlighted as I type.
* Drilling down into the trace to understand how the program was evaluated.

Main project page:

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hey, any merveillians got knowledge about modems? im thinking about how expensive mobile devices can be and if we can do better....

Writing an IDE for the Orca livecoding language in stack-machine assembly.

A feature of INTERCAL-72 not documented in the original manual was that it required a certain level of politesse from the programmer. If fewer than 1/5th of the program statements included the PLEASE qualifier, the program would be rejected as insufficiently polite. If more than 1/3rd of them included PLEASE, the program would be rejected as excessively polite.

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