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Rewrote Left from scratch again, it usually takes me 2-3 times before getting things right. Orca took 2 full rewrite before I found a way to write the assembly in a readable/maintainable way.

Starting to render images on the Mu computer

This screenshot shows a greyscale image dithered using just black and white pixels.

I rather suspect this isn't quite right. There are some suspicious streaks in various places. Rounding error, maybe.

Credit: I'm using standard Floyd-Steinberg.

Main project page:

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#Programming paved my way into English, so I never noticed how unnatural "if … then … else …" sounds. But Eric Fischer did, and found out where the "else" came from: What a fascinating dive into history!

Finally got through to the end of the last SubV refactor: I added a new pipeline stage and everything makes much more sense now - including long jumps :)

I also played with UART/Serial input for the first time now, writing slightly more complex SubV programs, like this little guy:

Despite Deere's lobbying, patronizing and FUD, the right to repair has - finally - triumphed.

Today, the Biden administration announced an executive order directing the Department of Ag and the FTC to develop R2R rules for agricultural equipment!

The fight's not over yet. The devil is in the details, those rules the FTC and Ag develop.


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Fallen down the rabbit hole of implementing an APL on a forth machine, I have no use for that sort matrix function yet, but .. maybe it'll come to me. I was curious, I've implemented most of the less complex operators of Dyalog.

Today I fixed a little mistake I made regarding tail calls in my prototype Kernel implementation in Comfy-RV (RISC-V lisp assembly), that pretty much finishes off the core of the interpreter. It can run anything from now on, in theory!

I tried running the fibonacci function, (fib 30) takes 10 seconds on my machine through qemu user-land emulation, versus 9 minutes 45 seconds for the bootstrap interpreter I wrote in Scheme, oof!

``With GUI! (But still works well with Makefiles.)'' --- Boo! It has to be: ``Ideal for use in Makefiles and will always be so (optional GUI)!''😉

Anyone know of any good blogs or discussion sites for finding and sharing #lightweight #software? I've mentioned a few resources here:
Would be interested in finding others. Recommendations appreciated. Thanks.

#minimalist #FLOSS #OpenSource #portableapps #commandline #console #FLTK #SDL #pdcurses #crossplatform #C

@akkartik @jameschip It looks like we're implementing Paradise. If that's the case I AM ONBOARD THIS TRAIN 🚋

If the user itself is a directory, that means that you have an inventory accessible, in paradise, the inventory content is always available.

John Henry vs the machine, but the machine is a Lovecraftian horror that generates train tracks as a side-effect of some eldritch biological process the human mind refuses to comprehend. it doesn't know what "trains" are but it sure spits out tracks fast!

So I published a kilometric blogpost about some stuff I learned on machine code generation.

Random #riscv and #JIT compilation stuff here.

Hope you enjoy the mess, because it gets messy.

you can still read Helicopter Story here, and I recommend you do. it's brilliant, beautiful, stomach-turning sci-fi

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"Writing device drivers is in practice a very important part of OS development, but from a conceptual or architectural viewpoint it is also one of the least interesting."

And this is why academia is irrelevant 😠

This is also why the software world is shit. Treat it as low status, actively encourage people not to take an interest. And then wonder why hardware vendors act anti-socially at every opportunity.

Monitoring device drivers is an essential civic duty.

have this idea kicking around in my head of tabletop rpg mechanics desgined like UNIX pipes or modular synthesizers. instead of making full-fledged games, making a collection of tools that can be used to build your own game ad-hoc

@neauoire no real thinking behind it other than the misguided thought it would boot on my hardware one day.

I’m now thinking that I might just target i386 instead as it seems “simpler” and like theres more tutorials about.

I dunno to be honest, this is absolute chaos in real time.

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