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wow thanks to tvtropes i just learned mr. rogers is the reason recording TV on like a DVR or VCR or whatever isn't illegal

"In a case that made it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1984, the TV and movie industries sued manufactures of VCRs on the grounds that recording their programming was copyright infringement. Enter Fred Rogers, who testified on behalf of home recording, saying he didn't mind if people recorded his shows and that it was a very good thing for families to be able to watch programs together whenever they wanted to, rather than being controlled by an arbitrary network. The court specifically cited his testimony in their decision. So in other words if you like not being tied down to Appointment Television, you can thank Mr. Rogers."


@fleeky I have about 4-5 hours, at best, of laptop battery time if the sun is not hidden. And I only really get about 2-3 hours of deep work, when the stars align.

The most impacting factor in which tool/task/process I'll use to get something done is how many cycles it'll take.

Most of my day is spent planning, then I sort of quickly get it done, and return to planning.

oh no

I've started refactoring gawsh from a single ginormous Rust monolith into a mostly-80s-POSIX-shell-compatible pipeline that currently only requires one Zig-built custom binary aside from standard POSIX tools that exist on everything under the sun

not only do I like this, but I just had genuine enjoyment out of realizing I was able to do that entire Zig binary in 40 lines that used only the stack, no heap

maybe I'm just a *bit* further behind in Devine's progression, but not too far 😂

@apg @mathiasx @requiem *looks at his past 3 years of side projects, nervously sweating*

(current project: a lisp embedded in Fennel targetting the Apple IIgs that compiles to 65816 machine code and supports hot code reload and interactive evaluation in emulation and hopefully on hardware)

@akkartik @neauoire @MinimalClick As someone who has done many things for precisely this reason I can tell you that it will make it feel harder.

One can observe from a far and see how many unconscious factors control outcome (and we can go really deep with this if you want, all the way down to the physical environments you are / were exposed to) the narrative that it's a sign of control or not control will always involve a filtering.

You cannot perceive how in or out of control you are.

I was nodding along to this article about minimizing dependencies until I got to the end:

"This is not how I approach design at work, or necessarily how I would recommend doing so. Having a budget where initial creation is essentially free (fun!) while maintenance is extremely expensive (drugery!) is a dramatic exaggeration for most software development. But this process works very well for my hobby code."

Wait, what?! 🤔

PSA: is a patch for

I've uninstalled tmux from all my package managers. The only responsible way to use tmux is by building it from source yourself and upgrading on your own schedule, when you have the time to go figure out how they changed the syntax of .tmux.conf (

But hmm, then how can I stay alert to security patches? They don't make it easy. On second thought, I think I'm going to just stop using tmux altogether.

Synaesthesia, pitch and polyrhythms (45 minutes)

This might be the best thing I've watched all year.

Evolution of Unix architecture (pdf)

Very fun read, though I don't understand the repeated astonishment that interfaces survive decades to the present day. Surely it's more remarkable these days when interfaces get deprecated and retired.

Some notes on Hypercard, a portable way to share apps with their (top-level) source code accessible to others.

Some apps for inspiration:

Get started:

C sources:

Build instructions:

You build it for arbitrary platforms by first building a setup tool.

gcc setup/tool.c -o setup
./setup -t lx64 >
. ./

setup options:


I just implemented some z-order aka Morton-order conversion methods for use in my starling spreadsheet project. Combined with a doubly-linked list, it'll let me scan for nearby cells and insert cells efficiently.

@akkartik @requiem @mathiasx I look to Joy, more than forth, to be honest, though I’ve not considered compilation of Joy programs given the `i` operator, and the full on Joyness.

I _do_ have some ideas for how to make Joy, well, more Jubilant, but time has not been on my side to get something worthy of release.

Even still, the versions I have are all interpreted.

Part of me is thinking that, if I really wanted to make a splash in the open/homebrew computing scene, I should implement my own take on the Canon Cat.

Or, perhaps put another way, to go forward with a worse-is-better approach to implementing a humane interface (Jeff Raskin's book, concept, and idea for what would have come next after the Canon Cat).

Been learning a lot from building Ferro. A few highlights:

- I actually like test driven development, and I feel a lot better about my software when I do it
- Writing UI libraries is not trivial
- “Pull” workflows are a lot better than building things from bottom to top
- Object oriented programming and I are making peace with each other
- The hardest part is defining what you want precisely enough to describe it to a computer
- Invest in tooling for yourself but don’t get sidetracked by tools

"Programmers do not understand the difference between an abstraction and a wrapper and a generalization. Abstractions are powerful; generalization or wrapping without abstraction is _taking power away_."

"When I buy a book, I want to go to a book store and ask for the book I want. With nix I have to go to a printing press and provide instructions for printing the book I want. This is insanity. This is not progress."

"When Martin Luther contemplated how to get the Bible directly to end-users, he first considered teaching Latin to Germans. Then he considered translating the Bible to German. Both were difficult prospects; German had regional dialects. Luther chose to "fix up" German by restructuring it to be able to handle philosophical and religious discourse.

"Martin Luther was a great UI designer. He understood that you have to start where end-users are before helping them grow."

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