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Experiment: two ways of drawing polygons.

In the first, I have more control over the vertices and can make irregular polygons. The second is more expressive for making regular polygons, and just looks cooler.

20 new tests, 700 LoC, 33% LoC now devoted to tests.

Feeling much better 🙏 Now bracing to find out what I broke today.

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Call me Kartik. I have a way of driving off the spleen and regulating the circulation. Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul; whenever I become intolerable to my family--then, I account it high time to write some more tests as soon as I can.

@SuricrasiaOnline You might like George Sheldrick's "Zero dependency philosophy"; every program he writes is 100% stand alone, no dependencies other then the core libraries of the language (and at the start, not even that!)

That's let him maintain Shelx since the *early 70s*. Like, he still puts out new versions of it when the first versions were distributed by *mailing people punch cards* (I believe it has had two-three major upgrades in the 80s, 97 and 2013), but still by sticking to whatever the basic Fortran features were of each era he's made this thing run on everything from 1970s mainframes to PDP-11s, to WIndows and Linux to Android!

A delightfully whimsical look from @lawik at a better future we could’ve had with our beloved mp3s.

many software development practices seem to me highly influenced by the institutional structure of software companies: bureaucratic, specialized, individualistic, disposable, goal-oriented.

Many engineers are frustrated with the state of software, but to me, software is a reflection of the broken institutions that create it

quote about post-collapse computing 

"We are building a culture which can not survive as trivial an incident as Y2K. Once we lose the billion dollar fabrication plants and once we lose the thousand man programming teams how do we rebuild them? Would be bother to rebuild them? Are computers worth enough to demand the social investment that we put into them. It could be a lot simpler. If it were a lot simpler I would have a lot more confidence that the technology would endure into the indefinite future." -- Chuck Moore

The Playdate has spoiled me. This is how it begins.

The SDK was only 20 MB. I made a simple program that's only 60 KB. Now I want to learn how to make audio from scratch, and everything I see is multi-gigabyte downloads and software plugins that rely on other software. Half this stuff is asking for weird system permissions, and I haven't even made a simple beep, let alone a wild eep.

Bits, please. I own a polyphonic triscuit. Go small or go home.

@akkartik could be worth asking for a look through on the love discord. Without going for what looks like a kind of deep dive in the codebase I can't see what'd be causing this specifically but it's always fun when something like this crops up.

Because you're encouraging running it on the host systems love there can be subtle things like different versions of luajit.

Also worth noting that when disabling the jit compiler you're still generally using the much faster luajit interpreter

@akkartik this is one of those things where I don't have any experience debugging what makes luajit slow because i've never actually seen luajit be slow in my life.

This is a first: I ran a profiler to see where my app was feeling sluggish -- and the sluggishness disappeared! Magic profiler!

Turns out it was disabling LuaJIT. So I've now (temporarily? permanently?) disabled LuaJIT in

Maybe this kind of text processing isn't CPU intensive enough that a JIT can help? I have no idea which way is up anymore.

cc @technomancy for any expert comments.

@civodul @cwebber my question is..what about those of us who use Linux, like OSS, but can’t program worth a damn. How does that fit in? Sure as heck can’t really be a peer, but also, end user is something that is also not appealing lol.

I did however convert my developer partner over to Linux ::evil laugh:: 😈

@akkartik: excellent piece on convivial tooling, commodity browsers, and the role of abstraction:


what if we spoke about electronic music making without using the names of manufacturers?

can the forum support this kind of conversation? if not, what does that say about the landscape of internet music communities?

A thread by @z

This is the best content. I am here for this.

And no, it's not random or trolling.

"Follow for surreal gamedev. I'm making a Lovecraftian text editor called Tentacle Typer."

If you're curious, here is a black and white version of my recent short:

Color original:

The password for both is respass

selective breeding has left the domesticated laptop computer frail and anemic for the sake of appearence. stop buying unhealthy laptop breeds

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