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Hello everyone! I'm Andy, and I'm so excited to be here!

I'm a sysadmin from Cambridge in the UK, and have earnt a Merveilles invitation by hacking about with @neauoire's Uxn. I think my contributions span three lines of code so far!

I'm in the middle of a mechanical keyboard building project, inspired by @Kooda here. It's gone on for ages and might be suffering from feature creep. I'm sure by the time it's running Uxn and I can phone and SMS people with it, it'll be finished.

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✅ Time for a handy pinned toot for common answers to questions friendly Merveillesians have been asking me 🧐

1️⃣ No
2️⃣ Yes, twice!
3️⃣ The value of your investments may go up as well as down

I really enjoyed this article: it's about boundaries and identifying red flags in people.

I don't think you have to be autistic to benefit from it, either! It's given me some very tasty food for thought.

Browsing through Becky Stern's videos I watched the one where she becomes a radio ham.

In it she links to an archive lecture by Bell Telephone Laboratories about wave propagation. How I wish I had seen that in my first degree, it's so fantastically clear compared to my lectures at uni back then! An awesome video from 1959 😊

Similarities of Wave Behaviour

Getting my Ham Radio Licence

cc @tty

"Scientists spent a decade intensively monitoring the impacts of a large government-funded experiment at Hillesden, a 1,000-hectare commercial arable farm in Buckinghamshire. (...) Numbers of some butterfly species including the gatekeeper and green-veined white doubled, and birds that usually feed on insects benefited from the shelter provided by hedges and grass margins, including the great tit, up 88%, and blue tit, up 73%. They also found that overall yields at Hillesden were maintained – and enhanced for some crops – despite the loss of agricultural land for habitat creation."

The science is in: permaculture works, it can feed us all and it helps the planet too.

Pretty excited for tomorrow night: I'll have a chat with @attie for his "Show and Tell" livestream series. Drop on by!

“We have an opportunity here to be better people, and do better by each other going forward. When we heal the ways we think about and relate to other human beings, we are on the road to creating resilient communities.”

Parkrose Permaculture on a meme of their permaculture garden being created, going viral, and being bombarded with comments as a result. Some were fine, but an awful lot were horrible. Angela deals with the situation with extraordinary grace and empathy.

@alderwick I also like the thin windows decorations on XFCE. Adwita (or whatever is written) has a nice dark mode, but the windows frames are ridiculously large. Blackbird is good 👍

I finally got round to setting my GTK 2 theme on to something easier on the eyes, since I use dark mode everywhere:

apt-get install blackbird-gtk-theme gtk-theme-switch

Do I know anyone at the Linux Foundation? My wife @jacqui just applied for a production artist position there and we'd love to learn more about it.

(Boosts welcome!)

S-ol designs and creates electronics and 3D printing projects, for example colourful glowing keyboards. You can follow at:

➡️ (main account)

➡️ (videos)

S-ol has a site at

#Sol #Electronics #3DPrinting #Crafts #Craft #Technology #Design #Videos #Keyboard #Keyboards

ranting about proprietary devices 

So, I have ranted about Cricut cutters before, but here's a new twist in their ongoing evil.

They are allowing people to "trade in" machines without actually sending them in. Modern Cricuts are all IoT: you upload your design to their servers, and your device downloads it and cuts it. So they just brick your trade-in machine and leave it to you to send to the landfill. 😡

(Or, you know: leave it to you to sell to someone who doesn't know it's bricked.)

I thought I could not speak English fluently on a stream. I thought I could not create music. I thought I was too timid to use my broken French on vacation. I thought I could not have a child. Not sever ties with a parent. Not be bold enough to be an artist (I'll never let this one go).
It's terrifying. And it's liberating.

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Hey European folks- are you doing alright with air quality amidst the fires? Don't know if the air quality is rough right now, but maybe it could be in the future.

Here's a tip from an American Midwesterner- wear a great mask outdoors. The air quality here can get terribly hazy sometimes due to fires out west, and a great mask can really help.

I've been doing that for years and it really helps my asthma. Wear a sun hat too, to minimize tanning your face unevenly!

western Europe weather 

Today we'll hit 310 K in the village. Our solar-powered aircon is ready to go, we have a damp towel in our fridge for emergencies, and we've checked round our neighbours to see who wants an invite if their place gets too hot.

Some people don't have very useful plans (i.e. windows and curtains open “to let the fresh air in”). Sorry, but the air will not be fresh. Keep curtains and windows closed and use a fan, dunk your feet in water and so on. Just please have a plan.

A year ago this weekend, I decided to start a YouTube, and I registered the Veronica Explains channel. I was looking for Linux creators who weren't dudes, and when I couldn't find many, I decided to jump in.

If you'd have told me a year later I'd have over 15k YouTube subs, and a growing PeerTube community, I wouldn't have believed it.

Thanks, all. <3 issue #86 is out now, including those two articles:

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