It's working, ship it πŸ˜…

This SHARP Memory Display breakout from is being driven by a Raspberry Pi Pico running the Uxn core. More details and better pictures to come tomorrow: it's late in the evening and with my crimping skills, the connection comes loose if I try to move the display to somewhere better lit πŸ˜‚


@neauoire The whole screen can be drawn at 20 fps, but if only some of the rows are updated (like in the DVD example) we can get up to 60 fps 😊

Uxn will still run Screen/vector at 60 Hz even if the display takes too long to update, so animations, music tracker etc. will still run at the correct speed.

Here's a video of it working from startup! After wrangling with my camera, getting it to record this short clip was more of an achievement πŸ˜… cc @nihilazo

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@neauoire @wzqtparor @alderwick @nihilazo wait, y'all found it already? lmao

im gonna release the source code and write a separate thread about it later today!

@nihilazo sorry! there's definitely still room for improvement when it comes to compression tho! and thank u

@thomasorus You wouldn't use more than 8 bits!

Hmm, that needs work πŸ˜‚

@alderwick @neauoire @nihilazo what tech is that? the whole screen flashing looks a bit e-ink to me

@joeri @alderwick @nihilazo
The Adafruit 2.7" 400x240 SHARP Memory Display Breakout is a chonky cross between an eInk (e-paper) display and an LCD. It has the ultra-low power usage of eInk and the fast-refresh rates of an LCD. This model has a gray background, and the pixels show up as black-on-gray for a nice e-reader type display. It does not have a backlight, but it is daylight readable. For dark/nighttime reading you may need to illuminate the LCD area with external LEDs.

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