Morgan Donner has another fabulous video here. Except it's not just one!

@alderwick I had so much fun with this yesterday. As with the CYOA books as a kid, I had to go back and follow every possible path. Nerd joy!

@metagrrrl I haven't had chance to explore all the paths yet! Though I did send her into the snowy wilderness, never to return, which I regret 😅

When we saw the dream sequence where Long Hair Morgan starts off the day, my wife and I were just agape at that point!

It just goes to show how much planning and work Morgan puts into her videos. Do you enjoy Rachel Maksy's videos too? She's on the other side of the planning scale: she no doubt works hard but doesn't hide her chaotic nature 😁

@alderwick Oo, thanks for the reminder to go back and catch the dream sequences. I'd gotten interrupted and hadn't done the full "x dress again" ones. 😄

Haven't watched Masky. So few hours in the day!

Happy crafty fun!

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