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Hia. I'm Alexandria. You may know me from the Slack or from such projects as:

Koios - a universal database-free file tagger

Zhmenu - a robust featureful dmenu-like replacement and input method

Wisp - A fast, smart, lispy HTML output language

SpotifyC (WIP) - C Interface to the Spotify Web API and Spotify command line client

Boosts would be deeply appreciated as more users = less bugs.

Gotta love how programs installed via pip don't attempt to integrate to the system's manual library whatsoever. Not.

testing the CMU Sphinx voice recognition problems is giving me hard dysphoria feels that I'm not really able to deal with, yay!

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@alexandria_ @stephen @joshavanier "He was very strong on the general applicability of skills gained from arguing on an amateur philosophy forum" that roast will be forever im my heart

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@alexandria_ @stephen @joshavanier oh my god this is gold. Its... wow. the white young man hubris thinking he's the first and best at everything

Laptop just gave out an alarming beep for no apparent reason. Maybe the fan? who knows

Whenever I log on to discord I hear someone else's computer noises and typing (my keyboard doesn't sound like that). Honestly deeply concerned about that.

Currently remembering just how good Igorrr is

This doesn't show any operatic traces but it's probably the best introduction to Igorrr that exists aside from Unpleasant Sonata

*takes a deep breath, tasting the air*

oh god, do I love Free Software.

octave: you can't use 'spectrogram' because you need to install the signal package

*installs the signal package*

octave: you can't use 'spectrogram' because you need to load the package

*loads the package*

octave: actually, spectrogram is unimplemented, so there.


Does anyone know what the classical music used in Igorrr's "Cruciform Dachshund" is? I can't think of what it is and I kind of want to play it. It would give me an excuse to break out the violin tbh.

*adds a digital signal processing course to my list*

Accidentally discovered a tool to teach mathematics to blind people:

my asshole brain: Researching this is boring, doing this work is boring, you might not succeed. If you play video game you will succeed.

also my asshole brain: hey how come none of my things are ever finished we should work on finishing that huh?

I should have just bit the bullet this time last year and done the groundwork on that. I blame dysphoria.

this is going to come down to linear algebra again isn't it.

oh bbboy, my mathematics sure is good enough to know what all this means,,,


Kiiinda wondering if signal analysis is going to give better results than ML models. CMU Sphinx as I understand it is doing speech recognition based on ML models. I *think* that it might be possible to get closer based on formant analysis. Or at least build a model from that.

I do not expect to succeed given that nobody else seems to be using this method. There is a reason why they are not. But I will learn things from this about why we do things the current way, and that in itself is valuable.

So I tried CMU Sphynx's voice recognition today and the default US model was really, really bad. I'm not even sure it's consistent enough in how bad it is that I can clean it up using a filter. I'm not really sure where to go from here without relying on either, training specific keywords (Which means going through a thesaurus to catch all the alternatives I'm likely to use -- which I guess has to be done at some point, but I was hoping to do that later), or using a web voice recognition service

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