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Some notes about Linux Miners threat landscape, and how to protect/monitor your devices.

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Hoy ando en Maldita Tech ¡Será un programa de Twitch, en Twitch, sobre Twitch 👾 Hablamos de la creciente tendencia a jugar a 'slots', apostar y qué implicaciones tiene 🎰

Hablaré como psicóloga especialista en comportamientos digitales.

came back to an old project for malware analysis using raku. I think this year my knowledge improved a bit and Iḿ ready to make a nice tool

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Ahhh lunes por la mañana 🙌 hora de quejarte del trabajo con tu coworker fav 💻🤭

Pero cuidado... puede que tu jefe/a esté leyendo todo 😱

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Si sientes ansiedad cuando se acerca el aniversario de un evento traumático 😰, esto es para ti:

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It is such an amazing and liberating feeling to need food and just be able to walk out into your garden and get it.

Do anyone over here knows if I can run uxn stuff on a i386 Linux without using wine?

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toxic masculinity ressources, help, boost plz 


I'm looking for resources about toxic masculinity, hypermasculinity.
Especially resources destined for people who are trying to "get out" of those principles and change. I'm guessing such resources would be addressed to men but that's not mandatory

Reading material is fine but not very accessible to me, video essays or podcast would be better.

Would anyone have recommendation plz?


Ooh I found a really nice way of building YARA rules using radare2 tool Cutter. Lifesaver. I will open a thread later about it!

So while I wanted so bad I haven't been able to inherit my dad's bike, because I'm a tiny little Hobbit. My dad's okay, but his wrist hurt so much when using the bike after using it weekly for so many years.

Anyway he's been helping me into choosing a new one since now I live in a city in which using a bike is not suicidal.

But it's so hard. I've been at it the whole week, going from one place to another, trying bikes (and falling to the floor from them).

The bike q u e s t

My daikons are all grown up these days so I prepared a new home for them

I've been trying to set a gemini capsule with a rpi but it's nos as easy at it seems hahaha wish me luck, one day I will be able to

I'm laughing so hard because I fixed my dad walkman but something must still be off because "the beatles" sounds like satan singing with a broken guitar.

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Los trabajadores ferroviarios de EEUU se dirigen a la huelga (125.000 trabajadores). ¿La razón? Jornadas draconianas en las que les llegan a exigir jornadas laborales con solo un día libre al mes. Sí, habéis leído bien: solo dice días libres al año.

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FOSDEM 2023 will take place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of February 2023. We are aiming for a physical conference at ULB again.

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Estoy preparando el taller y buscando ideas. Ustedes ¿qué entienden por "disidencias sexuales"? ¿Qué constituye diversidad sexual?

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