I'm very amazed by e-ink. And I'm totally making this open sourced solar powered ebook thing happening this weekend hell yeah.

Okay I already managed this to read a text from a folder and display it in a couple of seconds. I will open a repo asap but right now:

*Cut a longer text into slices of text to parse them in the ebook.
*Show page number. (slice number)
*Set an organized menu.

My idea is to make it similar to an old phone registry: 1 to 4 books to choose from a keyboard and read them.

Okay! right now I managed to create a config file that is read by the main code, so basically it reads different pages from a book being the pages sliced txt files in a folder. Iḿ very proud on how is it going! points 1 and 2 are done. Next is to set up the next/last page config and the menu!

I went a little further, almost done! right now I can: choose a book and read its pages until the end, go back and forward while reading the book, split a larger text into several pages.

cron the hell out of it so I don't need the extra screen and save a number page log.

@alien it would be great to find you in the subway reading with this device! :jarotsim:

@alien I know it's not your style, but a few years ago I got a BQ Cervantes 4 which is open source and although the business closed the code is [here]( and you can flash the unlocked firmware with [this]( which is pretty nice, it was more expensive than a kindle but you get what you pay for

@agony ooh I used to have one of those it just stopped working. Are they still being sold? Wow

@alien nah they're not, they went bankrupt like 2 years ago but you can still get 2nd hand at a decent price, and I saw some in wallapop for like 10-15€ with a broken screen being sold for spare parts so there's also some degree of repairability (?)

@alien You could check out The Open Book project:

There is a lot of hardware documentation written on the board itself and adapting the software to other screen sizes is probably not too difficult.

@drisc I did investigate it in the past! I even bought the same screen before, but it turned out more complicated than what I was aimed to build. I enjoy doing things that I can dismantle and change quickly. I'm trying my own simpler version. Thank you though! it's an amazing project.

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