@syntax Are there any news from your e-learning course yet? I just stumbled across a post by you in my TL and thought I'd ask.
I hope you are doing well.

GERpol - BND Gesetz 

Monitor hat gestern einen Beitrag zu dem neuen BND Gesetz veröffentlicht. Falls keine Nachbesserung kommen, wird die Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrechte erneut klagen.


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"Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art."

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and this is in Berlin, which has a left government

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#Einsatzkräfte sind bereits im Haus- Anwohner protestieren laut stark gegen die Räumung - d. Einsatz der #Polizei #Liebig34

🐦🔗: twitter.com/HakanTasBerlin/sta

I created some Illustrations for a course about working in the home office and possible influences on general health. Hope I can publish it to the end of the year.

Fav Artist this year: Rising Sun/The Ambientist - a producer who reminds me of Traumprinz or early Moby.If you want to play a Vinyl record of him you inevitably have to pierce a hole through the middle because a sticker with the words "Reality used to be a friend of mine" is stuck over it. Rising Sun summarized the metaphor as follows: "You have to destroy reality to perceive the music". The first listening to the record gets a completely different weight.


Today is one of the rare days I enjoy building little tutorials for collegauges. It is somekind of meditative thinking about what word or phrases to avoid. It feels like sneaking through the undergrowth.

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I think #Earthstar is finally gelling enough that I can describe it clearly:

"A protocol for user-friendly distributed apps"

Intro slides with pictures: github.com/earthstar-project/e

Technical details and comparison with SSB: github.com/earthstar-project/e

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Whoever came up with adding a "Currently Reading" field to their Mastodon profile, great idea! Added to mine ...

I joined my local anarchist union a few months ago. After not knowing for a long time how to get involved, I have now found the possibility to design logos for some chapters. It's just a small thing but it brings me a little bit closer to the people and I have something I can support in a meaningful way.


Rest in Power David Graeber. I have never read a book by you and yet I have stumbled upon you and your thoughts at regular intervals since the Occupy protests. Last year, when I heard that you were giving a lecture at the Chaos Communcation Congress, I dropped everything and ran into the lecture hall. I was hoping that you would come back this year. You will be missed.

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I discovered hyperlink.academy a few weeks ago and meanwhile they have published their first courses. Every single course sounds super interesting - but I decided to take the course "GUIs Through Art History" due to the lack of time and money. The course starts next week and I am a bit nervous and full of anticipation when I think about it.


Over the last few days an old school friend has been visiting me. He strongly recommended a contemporary novel to me, in whose analyses and observations he found himself painfully often. I read some reviews this morning and the opinions on it varied greatly - from "this book could start a youth movement" to "I'm giving the book away to the first person to comment on it". I accompanied him to the train station today and picked up the book directly in the next book department.

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Tiddlyblink + glitch is an easy way to get your tiddlywiki with bi-directional linking to the web. Hopefully this leads to many small digital gardens.


Yesterday I had a very nice encounter on the internet. I'm currently programming a prototype to show how to recognize Phishing mails in everyday work routine. After I was stuck for several hours and didn't manage to mirror the contents of my js array into my HTML code, I used the help function of glitch.com. After a few minutes I worked with a person from Sweden to get my code working. This is the internet as I wanted it to be back then and what has become so unrealistic in the last years.

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