I discovered a few weeks ago and meanwhile they have published their first courses. Every single course sounds super interesting - but I decided to take the course "GUIs Through Art History" due to the lack of time and money. The course starts next week and I am a bit nervous and full of anticipation when I think about it.

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@alt3 I know what you mean - I love the courses, but currently unable to commit time and money.

I would love to either get my hands on the teacher's notes and/or the finished projects from the "GUIs Through Art History"

@FredBednarski Maybe you could ask @lalizlabeth for the slides on Twitter - she is the teacher of the course. As far as I understand it correctly, a large part of the exchange should take place in the forum of The subforum for "GUIs Through Art History" is also open at the moment, maybe it's worth checking it out. If you should get time or money together, I would be glad to complete the course with you :).

@alt3 Oh, I will reach out, even if only to be able to follow the class forum.

...and the class is still a bit time away. I will keep it in mind, see how work will go and maybe I will be able to join. Will keep you in the loop :)

@alt3 I was eyeing this as well! Really nice selections. Planning to save up and join a cohort this year.

@aadil I will probably participate in a second cohort this year - the topics are just too interesting. Looking forward to learn together with u.

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