I created some Illustrations for a course about working in the home office and possible influences on general health. Hope I can publish it to the end of the year.

I joined my local anarchist union a few months ago. After not knowing for a long time how to get involved, I have now found the possibility to design logos for some chapters. It's just a small thing but it brings me a little bit closer to the people and I have something I can support in a meaningful way.


Rest in Power David Graeber. I have never read a book by you and yet I have stumbled upon you and your thoughts at regular intervals since the Occupy protests. Last year, when I heard that you were giving a lecture at the Chaos Communcation Congress, I dropped everything and ran into the lecture hall. I was hoping that you would come back this year. You will be missed.

Over the last few days an old school friend has been visiting me. He strongly recommended a contemporary novel to me, in whose analyses and observations he found himself painfully often. I read some reviews this morning and the opinions on it varied greatly - from "this book could start a youth movement" to "I'm giving the book away to the first person to comment on it". I accompanied him to the train station today and picked up the book directly in the next book department.

In my youth on the village I was fascinated by the sticker and graffiti culture in bigger cities. Today I ordered my own stickers for the first time - much too late. Anyway, I can't wait to open the package and stick them on.

On the sticker you can see Gudrun Gut from "Malaria!" with the face tattoo of Gucci Mane. This is the start of a new subculture - Lean Goth.

First day in the home office. Feeling more productive than usual, curious to see if it stays that way for the coming weeks.

I used the cold Sunday to work on the January issue of my link blog "Der Groschen". The site should be online by the end of the month.

"Farewell Etaoin Shrdlu" is a documentary about the last day of hot metal typesetting at the New York Times in 1978.
The Linotype machines they used there were invented in 1884. It is fascinating to imagine how quickly we replace our tools today and how much learning new tools has become part of everyday life. Apart from that, I was really blown away by the craft and the mechanics of the machines.


I am deeply in love with David Rudnick's graphics for Clouds. I have the feeling that Rudnick has created own style hybrid with references from Black Metal, Graffiti, Cyberpunk and the aesthetics of the 80s.


Hey, I'm Malte. I studied Human Computer Interaction and currently live in Berlin. I don't know where the next few years will take me, but I think it's going to be UI/UX design - I'm currently working in a company and creating e-learning courses. I am interested in literature, graphic design, politics and music.


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