@toast behold, a new thread, how'd the end up going, how's the progress

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@am alright so:
1. I've confirmed that my booting issues were borne of the emmc, sdcard boots reliably, even after updating uboot
2. I kept the sdcard intact, but changed extlinux to boot from nvme as root (after copying stuff over ofc)
3. discovered a btrfs bug in manjaro's kernel (seems to be aarch64 specific, but idk if it's a manjaro patch or otherwise)
4. got syncthing and a lot of other things working (manjaro's official repos are broken, surprise surprise)
5. discovered that arm64 release upx segfaults, and podman won't run, but got docker set up anyway, will probably build an aarch64 copy of the binary bucket without upx use
6. configured sway just a bit
7. discovered some really strange waybar bug (network information doesn't get populated until I swaymsg reload)
8. found out telegram-desktop is extremely crash-happy

this is about where we're at
gonna try and gain more familiarity tomorrow
ideally it becomes my @bed machine by the end of the next weekend

@toast i am starting to wonder if its good enough i can give it as starter laptop to ppl

@am it definitely takes some tinkering to get going
also, I'm not sure what the status is on the hardware acceleration front
i.e I'd definitely say it's a good DEVELOPMENT machine, especially for aarch64
idk about a general use-case (such as media consumption) though, especially for an arbitrary user

but for devs it's fine, imo, esp. as a starter

@toast yah honestly idk why ppl buy these things and like go on youtube immediately

@am media consumption has been pretty important for humans for a very long time
the pbp is fine for books and such, but the writing industry isn't very good at making that stuff easily/well accessible
the secondary advantage of youtube and co is that it can be processed in parallel, which is a huge positive for people like me (my brain weird, background noise is very important for some tasks, but prohibitive towards others, so being able to easily toggle it on/off is imperative)
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