is set up with Arch, Sway, etc. Not styled much. Happy I could fairly quickly bootstrap a system with Arch and configure everything, set it to autostart a window manager, bla bla without bricking the thing.

Also feel the RAM footprint should be lower, hmm

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@am any chance you could try and do a compile benchmark? just a couple of largerish go programs in a row should do
I wanna know if the issue was manjaro's kernel or the kernel in general
(also, tell me how the arch install went :) )

@toast Like compile amfora with `time` or something?

The install was fast, sort of easy even. I compared a few Arch on Pinebook guides and bootstrapped what felt right from there. Everything seems to be working. Maybe some keyboard shortcuts left, but that seems like my fault.

@am amfora is pretty light
try compiling caddy ~5x in a row
when I tried to build my bin bucket I got straight up kernel panics
... which eventually devolved to kernel panics during bootup, so erm, yeah

@toast its building it fine, its been a few times now...

@am thanks :blobsmile:
I'm gonna assume it's another manjaro:tm: fuckup, then
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