the best analogy i have for the pro is that it's like a really well-designed sports car taking after an older car, with its strengths and weaknesses

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If you want a laptop sorta better than a core 2 duo that is fanless, light, black and unbranded, with a pretty good battery, and for an extremely good price ...

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@Moon Yeah it came in yesterday; I went with Arch and it runs pretty well. I don't really push it hard yet tho. I also want to avoid using web browsers on it?

@am @Moon but not Gemini browsers am I right?
Really should make that post actually

@toast @Moon amfora is amazing

i am using qutebrowser for web atm but idk, the laptop does Not like being on merveilles, it makes a pop noise. RAM goes from ~400mb to ~600. i wish ripcord was on ARM, i am not gonna try discord

@am @Moon I don't really have much interest in purposefully using less than we have under reasonable circumstances tbh
of course, so long as the use is judicious and reasoned (rather than the weird stuff going on with browsers)

re: qutebrowser, that's basically just repackaged chromium
if you wanna go lower end try elinks

re: merveilles, both pleroma and mastodon's frontends are pretty heavy ^^;;
try with (or better yet brutaldon)

@toast @am @Moon

really light frontends to big web things is probably the only way forward. dragging a browser over sounds like a bad time.

@xj9 @am @Moon yeah, you can eliminate html/css/js entirely from fedi stuff for instance, just using http as an rpc
there's a couple of clients like that but I'm sure it could be better tbh

@toast @am @Moon

i've thought about doing something with webfs and tk inside inferno.

well, i won't until my fork (tomo) builds.

@toast @am @Moon

i've already found some fun bugs in the tk-based file browser that inferno ships with.

@am yeah I am guessing bloaty browsers will run poorly.
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