@am um, Matilde
it looks like you didn't remove the plastic cover off the touchpad ^^;;
@am yeah, it just feels a bit awful
it's one of those factory plastic protectors and was supposed to be removed during manufacturing, but covid made QA difficult
definitely recommend removing it

@toast wait are you sure? It doesn’t seem like it has a cover, nothing comes off

@am I know, it's one of those factory ones
I guarantee that there is a cover, the real touchpad is *not* shiny
it's just a bit hard to remove because it's meant to be removed before it's ever put into the chassis

@am have you had any luck with suspending the pine book by chance?

@am ah thanks! my friend has a pinebook and was having the issue. I'll tell them to try this out.

@am @scott that is a super nice repo, thanks for sharing!

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