As my life becomes an increasing barrage of browser / version edge cases I am still pretty impressed with Mastodon FE's feel, UX. Not perfect, obvi but it is solid, reliable, smooth.

@augustus Bart Ehrman actually has a list of a few applicable candidates with similar narratives

the unboxing experience of reading patch notes

@neauoire just sounds like a case for making human-scale tools instead of needing to enter into the world of coordination problems, that requires a completely different skillset

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@sir do you use a fork and dip the cereal in the milk

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DNA Lounge blog:

Next Tuesday, Sep 15, is the 25th anniversary of Hackers, so we're doing another Cyberdelia!

It's a two-part event: at 5pm PDT, Hackers Curator is hosting a movie watch-a-long with live commentary and Q&A from celebrity guests at Guests include:

Laurence Mason - Lord Nikon
Peter Kim - Blade
Darren Lee - Razor
Iain Softley - Director
Renoly Santiago - Phantom Phreak
Roger Burton - Costumes

@xj9 I really think these proposals are a lil overwrought. Doesn’t an automatic directory page and timestamped file names do enough? Just cull the dirs on load

@xj9 @neauoire you were ... damn

and here i've become a neoplatonist christian and gotten more driven

idk we're on a wavelength, i want to do a picnic sometime

@neauoire idk online sentiment in all directions is dominantly post-liberalism afaict, but offline who knows

@neauoire i think this trajectory describes basically everyone since 2010, or maybe more accurately post-occupy

@draft13 @neauoire well. I mean. It’s like a Proper Noun in this context. The Merveilles crew

now the truth is being broadcast at me five different ways 24/7 and i need to find a cabin

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distracted by how many 20c movies' are as simple as "if only *everybody knew*! we just have to broadcast the truth!"

they can't die while the puppet lives

@cblgh I use omnifocus but I’m looking to migrate to something; GTD is pretty agnostic anyway

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