Always a fan of Apple’s systems. The further back you look, the more character their computers had IMO. :)

“JavaScript is what probably killed TenFourFox quickest. For better or for worse, web browsers' primary role is no longer to view documents; it is to view applications that, by sheer coincidence, sometimes resemble documents”

A great Access to Arasaka EP named ":port" is free to download.
Excellent ambient/ominous IDM-ish stuff... so good!

"Enjoy the sounds of intergalactic robot scouts scanning a strange dead world, filled with awe inspiring testaments to the wealth and technology of forgotten cultures, laid to rest in wars of ages past."

Before I get too far setting up an system, should I start over and use full-disk encryption?

I think I should call this “groovebox techno”, it’s like every sound in a Roland MC-303 is in this track 😂

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Anyway if this is even remotely appealing you owe it to yourself to listen to more by this duo... so damn good. My favorite release by them has to be , just so well-executed. They nail this style so well I can't even put it into words. Aesthetic/compositional/sonic touches I've never observed elsewhere quite like they do it. "ORDΞR OF STΞNDHΛL" literally feels like a dark spell of its own, manifested in audio. One of my top fave songs ever.

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The "final" version on Grimoire is this one… different sound, additional synths… but less ominous IMO, not as striking.

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Love this track by V▲LH▲LL … (among countless others by them!)... This is an earlier version of the song by the same name that they released on "Grimoire" album... I prefer this one a bit due to the slightly more aggressive/direct sound

This post resonates with me so strongly I was practically laughing while reading it. Absolutely love the concepts and I think about this super frequently. Great ideas!

The entire history of MIT's "Computer Music Journal" (among all their other journals) is now available for free. Probably chock full of interesting stuff

Wow, damn, found a copy of the first album I released on in 2001. It was made with a pirated copy of a Macintosh tracker software called PlayerPRO. It sold exactly one copy, to my then-girlfriend, now wife! haha :) We still have the CD. I should upload the album to bandcamp, it's actually not bad despite me knowing NOTHING about digital music production, and the songs being extremely repetitive. hahah

I think this was my most-listened-to album in 2020. So good Seriously getting so impatient to hear what they release next!!

trying OpenBSD on iMac G4 

Dang, the web browser situation on macppc OpenBSD is pretty dire. Otter just segfaults constantly, and nothing else seems to support JS. Sure it’s a 1.25ghz G4 with 768mb of RAM but that should be enough for basic browsing?! Guess not. However, other than that, OpenBSD is pretty cool. Will take some time to hack around and get a feel for it. Using fluxbox so far, not ready for tiling wm quite yet… heheh … xfce slow & crashy :) maybe if I had an SSD in there…

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