hmm finally created an acct on SDF after years of hearing about it. I keep seeing the TSS/8 on Twitch and wanted to log into that! … if I’m understanding correctly that it’s possible with an SDF account haha >_>

“Which Programming Languages Use the Least Electricity?”
1st place: C
2nd place: Rust

JavaScript wasn’t as bad as I expected!

Oh actually I think they don’t necessarily guarantee you’re allowed to pick them, you’re supposed to ask where applicable. I guess that’s good though because that means it’s even more of a comprehensive database.

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I found this site that is basically a worldwide database of plants/trees you can collect the fruit/nuts from (legally)! Very cool. Has iOS/Android apps as well.

IC3PEAK's latest album is so damn good. I actually like every single track, which is rare for me. I have listened to it looping for hours on end... Powerful and so finely crafted!

Starting to read/follow “The Rust Programming Language” book and intrigued so far. My initial “purpose” is WASM and small tools for work but… I have a feeling the broad range of purposes will quickly pull me in other directions, which I’m very open to. I’ve been writing TypeScript all day for ages and verrry ready for something more powerful and portable…

raging about abusive closed-source software 

The newest WatchOS version you can install with iOS 12.0 is 5.0 … why is this version mismatch even allowed?

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raging about abusive closed-source software 

So basically the iOS app supports an older version of iOS than what that respective app’s complication supports. I’m actually surprised Apple even allows it. The sad part is this bullshit is still the highest quality platform for mobile, which is utterly depressing as hell.

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raging about abusive closed-source software 

So I download a Spotify update on my iPhone, and suddenly the Spotify “complication” on my Apple Watch is gone. Apparently the “complication” now requires WatchOS 5.2. This means I’d have to update my iPhone to the absolute latest version, meaning some number of apps I have will be inaccessible to me forever (such as ). I have no way to revert to the old Spotify iOS app. I literally want to throw this shit off the fucking balcony.

Signal randomly started working for me again (not forcing me to set a “PIN”), but after a while it’s now forcing me to update. Imagine online software that just stays how it is, just keeps working? Seemingly literally impossible for anyone to manage.

Merveilles meta I guess 

Ppl talking abt Mastodon on HN and damn am I thankful for how excellent the Merveilles instance is. Has been perfect tbh (I was a bit worried about the relatively high user count at first). Thanks for being awesome, all. :)

Cool, can’t use Signal without a PIN anymore. Guess I might as well just delete it then… was bad enough having the bottom of the screen covered by non-dismissible “add a profile name!” nag for the past 5 months.

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