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Ppl talking abt Mastodon on HN and damn am I thankful for how excellent the Merveilles instance is. Has been perfect tbh (I was a bit worried about the relatively high user count at first). Thanks for being awesome, all. :)

Cool, can’t use Signal without a PIN anymore. Guess I might as well just delete it then… was bad enough having the bottom of the screen covered by non-dismissible “add a profile name!” nag for the past 5 months.

bunnie gettin’ spicy in here 😂👌

while reviewing Singapore’s covid contact-tracing prototype: “iPhone users, like the underprivileged, also don’t own a smartphone; rather, they’ve bought a phone that can only be used for Apple-sanctioned activities.”

it’s actually an excellent post on the subject of contact tracing and privacy, etc. , check it out:

Found a copy of magazine from July 1992. E-commerce was definitely in its infancy. Very interesting to see though, especially how CompuServe wouldn’t charge for online time when you’re browsing the e-shopping catalogue. Also, back then game devs were warning that such a career will not pay as well as business software dev. Love the reference to SimEarth :)

Check out my extremely 31337 front door security cam… Raspberry Pi Zero W + Camera v2 serving “fast camera” MJPEG stream to Home Assistant on a Pi 3B where the motion detection & notification is done. It sends email notification (for now) and stores media on my NAS. Pretty basic but it’s like 75% a “for the heck of it” project. Online shop sent me the wrong Pi case which is why it’s just taped up there for now 😅

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TFW you torch a vehicle on the street while showing your arm tattoo and one-of-a-kind Etsy shirt. “Investigators used Etsy, LinkedIn to make arrest in torching of Philadelphia police vehicles”

so like… how does someone find me on scuttlebutt, or … how do I connect with ppl? using Manyverse… I guess I’m not just going to find an invite link on anyone’s profile here, right? (due to privacy and security etc)

MNT Research will pay EUR 500 to the first person correctly fixing this bug:

ah, FCC stuff is useless. oh well, I can just learn more about this ASK/OOK stuff. I think there’s slightly more to it than what I have found thus far. still learning a lot either way 👌

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I know the model and FCC ID of the actual garage opener receiver so I guess I can see what I can dig up on that. This stuff has always been interesting to me and since I have the gear to decipher it, I might as well try! fun stuff ^_^

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trying to decode the signal transmitted by my garage door opener, but I don’t quite understand how to make sense of the different gaps of silence between the pulses! I really just want to see if I can reproduce the signal, purely for educational purposes (srsly!! haha) but … Universal Radio Hacker is not helping me much and I guarantee the bits it’s decoding are totally not meaningful. might have to find some IRC channel on this subject, or something…

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You're hearing/reading the expression #ACAB a lot more lately, and you might wish to read this very insightful look from a few months back about the depth and breadth of what that expression actually means.

Ooohhh phew, false alarm. This doesn’t actually “restore” your password. It goes to their “recovery password” page which is in fact the “forgot username or password” page. Will delete the original toot!

I was also trying out but , either there’s simply far too much noise, or no one transmitting on the frequencies I was listening to. Only tried for a short time though, but regardless I don’t expect much when listening to 20m/40m on a $30 SDR dongle, tbh ;)

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the more stuff I mess with, the more I discover! today I found out clipping on another ~10m of wire to my RTL-SDR’s antenna means I can pick up messages from nearly anywhere! received transmissions from Japan, Colombia, New Zealand, Russia and of course all over NA. absolutely nuts!! unfortunately can’t respond back as I lack a license and transceiver. still insanely cool! Oh yeah, I picked up radio data from the ISS again too!

"In a practice dating to 100 BCE, the Khasi train rubber fig trees to grow into bridges and ladders that allow them to navigate steep ravines and flooded river crossings during the monsoon season. Each bridge takes one generation to build, and they have proven to be the only structures that can withstand the unforgiving monsoon rains."

Lo-TEK (lesser known technologies, traditional ecological knowledge): Design by Radical Indigenism

after years of wanting one, I finally got an oud! so stoked! it sounds amazing. can’t wait to learn how to tame the power of this ultra expressive instrument and record some mesmerizing musical incantations

picking up images over VHF radio is fun stuff! surprisingly clear reception from this local station. RTL-SDR works quite well once you get a good antenna position. it’s even more badass when you’re picking up SSTV broadcast by the ISS, but that’s rare - only had the chance once thus far. actually, I was most happy when I did all of this completely offline while my ISP had some downtime tonight. amateur == resilience, independence and autonomy :)

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