Apple, DRM, "walled garden" lolz 

Apple making sure everyone knows your computer is not actually yours: "This application cannot be installed because the developer did not intend for it to run on this platform"

FB, Carmack, privacy, birdsite 

John Carmack: “Facebook is extremely serious about privacy” hahahaha!! what?! 😂

Backing up stuff from my VPS and came across the logs from when I was running a Merveilles Quake 3 server :) looks like it was a very close match haha

uhh, rather interestingly, I can’t seem to find a digital copy of this anywhere… still searching tho… we shall see!

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“Beginner’s guide to Macintosh assembly language”… forgot I printed this out, apparently almost 25 years ago(!!)… I couldn’t really follow it back then and I didn’t actually have any assembler/IDE software, but maybe now I can make some use of this! The draw of asm constantly pulls on me for years and years now (apparently MANY years hahaha). I will make _something_ … just dunno what! 😅 absolutely need some low-obligation fun over the holidays, maybe that could be it.

Microsoft: if you enjoyed playing your Xbox 360 Halo games with your friends, too bad, that shit's too OLD and OBSOLETE now, so buy our new console and re-buy the same games you already owned, just SHINIER!

Everything on Lorn's bandcamp is currently "pay what you want", which can potentially mean "free" if you enter 0 for the price. Great opportunity to dive into his stuff if you haven't already.

proprietary software (Signal) 

like we already got an identifier, the one signal is already using for my identity. nothing else is strictly required. I should have the choice whether to opt into this information sharing.

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proprietary software (Signal) 

like why do they assume that just because I communicate with someone that I want to share a hardcoded first name with them? this shit implementation means all contacts see the same profile data, at minimum a non-nullish string of one(?) or more characters. maybe I don’t want to give ANY data to the other contact other than the phone number (or PIN) by which I connected with them?!

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proprietary software (Signal) 

damn, actually can’t get past this now, so might really be locked out of signal for real this time (last time their shite code was buggy and allowed me past this blocker by entering a value into the text field and the deleting it, lolz)… entering a blank space doesn’t work (even tho I’m pretty sure they suggested doing that in the past). another piece of proprietary software exerting power over its users, as per usual. why do I have to have a fucking profile on here?

In case you were curious about how companies secretly obtain the GPS coordinates of your mobile phone, Forbes lays it out here:

The information is collected by private companies and sold to governments. At least one of these companies is openly advertising "mass collection of all internet users in a country". I verified this is on their website, front and center. It's not buried in footnotes or terms of service.

haha wow, turns out there’s a mission in the game that’s named after a Lorn song too, even in all-caps as well! “KOLD MIRAGE” (which does happen to be an ultra badass song and frankly should be in the game haha)

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Sounds like the composer(s) for Cyberpunk 2077 sampled Lorn's "Oxbow B"... compare the "shaker" sounds at 1:52 in to 0:50 in ... and they didn't ask permission either. Pretty weak.

oh, cool I keep getting warnings from my NAS about it having “not been shut down cleanly” and I hadn’t been shutting it down. checked the logs and it’s rebooting every few days. realized the PSU must be on its last legs. what a damn hassle!!! uggghhh

Apple announced new over-ear headphones.. I was guessing the price would be something fairly expensive like $250.... no, they are nearly $800 CAD. Holy shit!

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