birdsite, poor ux 

it’s pretty ironic that this extraneous notification is trying to help me reduce extraneous notifications. It took 3+ restarts of the app for it to finally stop showing “1 unread” and this being the unread so-called notification 😂

Wow, freenode k-lined IRCCloud. I guess, in a way, that makes things easier for me since I kept forgetting to log in and disconnect from the taken-over network. Too bad my comment on HN calling rasengan "a clown" has been flagged, cuz it's not inaccurate 😅

Interesting, I just noticed that the "Top Sites" feature of Firefox initiates DNS queries for the A and AAAA records of those sites, without clicking on any of them. This effectively reveals 6-32 of your top-visited sites to whatever network you're connected to, by simply opening the browser or a new tab. 🤔

Oh yeah and the one I did get running (oldest one) is super unreliable, stops displaying chat after a while and randomly drops the connection with no feedback indicating as such. 😵

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Have now tried to compile every single Hotline client *nix source code I can get my hands on. The only one that even compiles for me on OpenBSD is the oldest one available, from like 1999. I got one other variant compiling with major hackery of the source code but… no, it’s just not happening. Roughly-written C from the turn of the century is just not going to jive with 15+ years of updates to libraries, includes, compilers, etc. Seems I just have to write my own Hotline client?! 😓

So, I got full-disk encryption working for my install… it was a bit of a challenge, but it works! Only downside? It takes *18 minutes* to boot (vs ~1min normally). I think the processor has such a hard time with the encryption, it’s just that slow. In-OS usage is also noticeably slower when it comes to disk I/O, unsurprisingly. Still, I’m pretty stoked I even got it working! Learned a bunch about the OS and its booting process (and disk partitioning) along the way.

Spotify pushing podcasts 

Spotify seems to be trying their very best to get me to stop using their service (I am NEVER going to listen to "podcasts" on their platform). As if it wasn't bad enough they're harassing me about podcasts, it's Joe Rogan of all things? What a mess.


if I had to guess, this “rasengan” guy appears to be approx ~17 years old?

sorting through some of my old tech items last night. so much cool stuff! Gravis GamePad, Iomega Jaz disk (1gb!!), and an MSI (or ATI?) MS4408 VGA card based on mach64 processor. I found a ton of other stuff like a Creative Sound Blaster, microphone from my first computer (still in orig box), 10baseT network switch, AppleTalk PhoneNET adapter… Soon my retro computer lab must be put together, to be sure!

EOMA68 vaporware 

crowdfunding protip: never back a project unless the creator has a verifiable track record of shipping projects of the same/similar kind

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@mntmn Hey super quick question as I am having trouble finding some subjective experiences - what kind of battery life are people getting on the MNT Reform? is it still around the ~5h estimate? no rush to answer, just curious where that has been hitting for ppl :)

Funny, can see I made a comment on the Macintosh Garden for the page in 2011 as we were trying to track down someone who can crack this copy protection! Looks like the article author saw our discussion and realized the demand for this crack! that’s hilarious, guess I can try to imagine I had some influence on this effort haha 😅

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Impressive - PACE copy protection on the 1985 Macintosh game “MacWars” reverse-engineered and cracked after ~35 years!

"safe and secure"? on Google's servers? LOL

I need to migrate to another email service ASAP...

(interestingly this shot is from an “Apple II Forever” promotional video)

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