This post resonates with me so strongly I was practically laughing while reading it. Absolutely love the concepts and I think about this super frequently. Great ideas!

@amatecha I know it's also mentioned in the article, but I wholeheartedly recommend @stevelord's posts on heirloom computing:

I am eagerly awaiting to see what will happen with his concept :)

@FredBednarski @stevelord thanks, yeah I saw his posts before as well! love it. I am so glad and relieved that others online are discussing this stuff and getting the conversations going. the way people interact with computers (and software) has been bothering me for some time… it’s hard to put into words, but it’s like ppl are chasing the carrot and missing the full nutritious meal they stepped on and destroyed while chasing after that carrot. dunno, hard to describe my thoughts on it haha

@amatecha I mostly agree with it but I really don't like these vague "heavier object is good because reasons" arguments. They are just not convincing and assume too much about the audience's preferences.
Some of the specific technologies and formats discussed could use some bikeshedding too.
But the general idea is very good and seemingly shared by more and more people.

@csepp oh yeah I totally agree, there were a couple concessions made like that, which I think are not really fundamental to the “overall concept”. like the overall idea is great, even if the form wouldn’t be quite exactly as they described. I think it’s an excellent step in the right direction tho! I find myself wanting to decide which “old” computer I have is the best one to settle on for the long-term “everyday stuff”. has been my 2013 macbook so far. good enough for nearly everything!

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