A great Access to Arasaka EP named ":port" is free to download.
Excellent ambient/ominous IDM-ish stuff... so good!

"Enjoy the sounds of intergalactic robot scouts scanning a strange dead world, filled with awe inspiring testaments to the wealth and technology of forgotten cultures, laid to rest in wars of ages past."

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yesss! i'm a huge fan of access to arasaka. some of my favourite background music for coding and general digital creativity.

@glyph Yup, some of my top favorite music in the last decade for sure. I listen to them constantly. The "void();" CD is currently in the cd player in my car lol :)

@amatecha this EP was one of my favorite AtA releases. Two other of my favorites that came out later were "Aleph" and "Orbitus", i love these ones

@ghostlevel yes!! absolutely love Aleph, "an entire universe" is one of my favorite AtA tracks for sure. Had to load it up just now due to thinking about it, of course 😁

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