Have now tried to compile every single Hotline client *nix source code I can get my hands on. The only one that even compiles for me on OpenBSD is the oldest one available, from like 1999. I got one other variant compiling with major hackery of the source code but… no, it’s just not happening. Roughly-written C from the turn of the century is just not going to jive with 15+ years of updates to libraries, includes, compilers, etc. Seems I just have to write my own Hotline client?! 😓

Oh yeah and the one I did get running (oldest one) is super unreliable, stops displaying chat after a while and randomly drops the connection with no feedback indicating as such. 😵

@amatecha Me and Pb have been (very slowly) working on our own Hotline client lately written in Python. It's currently private in our gitlab group but I can give you access if you want.

We also have our Hotline server mirrored to an IRC server if you'd like to join in on the fun :)

@amatecha but yes, I know the pain. I tried almost every hotline client out there and I ran into all kinds of issues trying to compile it even on Linux. I ended up just running a windows version through wine. :P

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