Made a post about installing on a Pi 4 with full-disk encryption. feedback welcome if there are mistakes

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(and yeah I know, no https.. haven't figured out how to add a cert on this accursed shared hosting 😂 )

@amatecha very cool, thanks for taking the time to write up and share here 🙇‍♂️

@duncanhart Hey, no problem! I had sent it to someone via email in a rough form, and then saw someone recently trying to get this working on a Pi 3B so I thought I should clean up the text of my old email and get it posted online! Hope it is useful to someone out there. :)

@amatecha you’ve inspired me to give it a go. I want to build a GPS enabled NTP time server using OpenNTP. Pi 4 would be ideal

@duncanhart nice! though, you’ll have an easier time without the full-disk encryption, unless you want an 18-min bootup time haha 😅 haven’t found a solution to that issue yet.


Thank you! Will try it out with 7.0 on Pi 400. Without disk encryption though.

/cc @solene

@alexshendi1 @solene No prob! Oh yeah it should be much simpler without the full-disk encryption, too :)

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