In true "personal web page" tradition, I added a Links page to my site. Just a starting point, but it will gradually grow! :)

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apparently I need to set a character limit on the meta description or whatever Mastodon uses to create the link preview 😅

@neauoire haha, thanks! I can think of lots of stuff I want to add… just takes a while to find everything! bookmarks here and there, random things I can remember as being particularly interesting/worthwhile… It will be so nice to have a public list of all these.

I’m curious for your opinion too, do you think it makes sense to add a short description/summary to each link? I almost felt it would remove some sense of mystery/discovery about the links haha

@neauoire @amatecha I've started a manual link list in a text file (not published) and there I try to adopt the style I use on fedi: quote + link (usually instead of writing my own summary).

@neauoire yeah, some links are really like, “how could anyone know what this is without clicking”. I didn’t try with a summary yet but I’ll give it a shot to improve the context a bit!

@amatecha your music artists you should listen to section is 🔥

@ritualdust awww yeah! those are some of my most-listened, and particularly unique that I think are worth checking out… more to be added surely hehe 😄

@amatecha haha, just added a blogroll to my website a few days ago ;)

@thomasorus for sure!! especially as it can be harder to find references to neat stuff over time. twitter/mastodon is so temporal, everything is forgotten a day later… and of course web search engines are seemingly becoming less useful every day, especially for finding novel things or just “discovery” in general

@amatecha i'm thinking about creating a website just for the things that i find interesting

@amatecha Thank you, I think I found something that might work for me on your link list.

@dmoonfire ah excellent, glad to hear! will add more stuff as time goes on, of course. perhaps too much, eventually! hahah 😅

@gavcloud ah nice! yeah, I am starting to feel like I want to make some kind of actual wiki of sorts, but I haven't yet figured out how to approach it... like... keep this Hugo-generated site and put the wiki on a subdomain or something? no clue... but I can see that it would be great to store/share "data" on a public site of sorts...

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