booted into sheepshaver to connect to a friend’s KDX server. reminded me how awesome OS 9 was. I miss a *lot* from those days of desktop computing!

@amatecha i say this as a classic mac fan... We mainly just remember the nice stuff. Lot of things were really horrible in os9...

@esi hmmm, I guess so! hard to remember 😂 the only thing I specifically remember being a substantial issue was an application crash taking down the whole system. everything else I can think of was fine to me. maybe I’m forgetting some obvious downsides though haha

@amatecha My not so favorite was how I needed to juggle 5-10 random tiny windows for a single app. (Hotline for example).

@esi hahah! true! I think I never cared about that because once I got them into position I never moved them again, and used the key commands to open/close the windows I wanted… well, in Hotline at least. interestingly some people saw that “multiple windows for one app” as a strength 🤔 somehow 😅

@amatecha It had its plus sides as you could really "customize" the interface and show everything at the same time if you wanted. But in my opinion it was not worth the pain.

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