is a podcast really a podcast if it’s only available on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify? if there’s no audio file to download it’s not a podcast, IMO!

@amatecha I totally agree with the need for the local downloads to be more a part of podcasting! There was an interesting thread in a similar vein that was along the lines of "it's not a podcast if it doesn't have an RSS feed" which I don't disagree with, but for me, I think whether or not a piece of audio is a podcast doesn't necessarily add anything to experiencing that audio as a listener. It's more like calling an album "a CD" than it is indicating what content the material contains.

@amatecha In other words, I could care less if the CD is sold at Tower Records or the corner store (Google/Apple/etc.), none of those venues allow me to predict whether or not I'll enjoy it. But I know for sure I'm more likely to listen if I can store a local copy!

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