Picked up a pretty decent reception of transmission from the on 145.8mhz! Lots of noise I guess due to ionospheric effects or interference, but still not too bad at all! Picked up with my Baofeng BF-F8HP and Nagoya NA-771 antenna and decoded with BlackCat Systems SSTV app for iOS. Looking forward to picking up more transmissions today/tomorrow!

wow, got an even better receipt of this latest image from the International Space Station! This time I put my NA-771 on my Yaesu VX-8DR with an adaptor. not bad at all!

One more SSTV image, not so good, but still quite legible! pretty poor reception this time around though haha

dang, they happened to transmit the same image again, but it didn't come in much better that time around lol (on the upside I'm trying a different technique/software and able to filter out a ton of noise outside of the effective SSTV frequencies)

@amatecha Cool! It's been a while I played with SSTV. Do you also have a license / callsign (I'm PE1NOR, but not currently using it actively)

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