Picked up a pretty decent reception of transmission from the on 145.8mhz! Lots of noise I guess due to ionospheric effects or interference, but still not too bad at all! Picked up with my Baofeng BF-F8HP and Nagoya NA-771 antenna and decoded with BlackCat Systems SSTV app for iOS. Looking forward to picking up more transmissions today/tomorrow!

wow, got an even better receipt of this latest image from the International Space Station! This time I put my NA-771 on my Yaesu VX-8DR with an adaptor. not bad at all!


One more SSTV image, not so good, but still quite legible! pretty poor reception this time around though haha

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dang, they happened to transmit the same image again, but it didn't come in much better that time around lol (on the upside I'm trying a different technique/software and able to filter out a ton of noise outside of the effective SSTV frequencies)

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