Wow, that's kinda uncool. @protonmail updated their services/plans (which is fine), and in the process magically auto-subscribed me to all their email newsletter subscriptions, even though I had previously unsubscribed from all of them but one.

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@amatecha @protonmail It seems at least not everyone was affected by this. I just checked my settings and I have only half of this enabled (probably set it myself this way in the past). Not sure if it could change something, but I am on free plan, with beta version enabled.
Unfortunately they abandoned their Mastodon account some time ago so we don't have a way to contact them here :(

@madargon @protonmail Indeed. I pinged them on Twitter as well. I mean, only takes a second to uncheck the newsletters, but this does reduce my trust in them. Not that I trust any company very much haha

@amatecha do you know if it's possible to share a custom domain with multiple users? I can't find any info on their support pages. And it's my main usecase, one domain and then a handful of family members have accounts on that domain.

@M0YNG @amatecha On the single user account, in Settings, at the bottom of the left hand menu, there is an option for "Multi-User Support". I don't use my account in that way though, so not sure.

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