I had an idea last night. A web search engine, that actually returns results for the words and syntax you type in (shocking, I know), and uses a crawler that doesn’t support JavaScript at all. I’m ready for this to be a thing. If websites can’t be bothered to show me what they got without JS, too bad. A whole new quotient of netizens can enjoy a web that actually respects them. Doesn’t that sound badass? Am I missing anything important? Cuz that seems awesome to me.

Like, I’m pretty ready to start focusing on sites that display correctly without JS. I’m just *that* done with being constantly harassed and overwhelmed by advertising/solicitation/signup bullshit on nearly every single site. I browse a ton of sites that are basically JS-free 90’s-compatible sites and the experience is *so much better* I never want to browse anything else.

@amatecha I have had js blocked by default for years, and the web is awesome.

@amatecha i found a search engine with a similar concept to that a while ago

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