Wow, I wanted to get the latest nightly build of a piece of software, SDR++, that is hosted on Github (and built with its CI system) and none of the build artifacts were accessible to me - until I logged in. I shouldn’t have to log into a Github account to download builds of an open source project hosted there…

@amatecha You describe one of the reasons, why many people have left for Gitlab, Codeberg etc. - if you're not a client, then you are the product.

@jayrope no doubt… it’s unfortunate how ever-present github is. I use Gitlab personally, tho they aren’t perfect (for example my build runner running on my own Pi just randomly stopped working, for no reason - no errors either)… heh 😅

@amatecha GitHub Actions artifacts not being downloadable when not logged in is definitely an annoyance on an open-source project I work on.

Artifacts attached to GitHub Releases are (or were, and hopefully still are) available to download publicly, so we've been talking about a new CI workflow that will upload the nightly artifacts to a pre-release. Which feels like a hoop to jump through for something that should just work by default 😕

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