people: does anyone know a good logging software that runs on both linux and windows? especially one that can integrate with online services and show me which stations or grids I've already logged, etc... I checked HAMRS but didn't like it, and practically everything else seems to be Windows-only 🤔

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@amatecha @k8ket I’ve not used it personally, but @cloudlog (I think I tagged the right account) is browser based, so you can host it on your own network, or elsewhere, and use it from any device.


Let me know if you find something you like. I've kinda resigned myself to using a combo of HAMRS on android and CQRlog in debian and opt to not use windows for amateur radio things. Its mostly out of necessity as my laptop proc is i386. 😂 Things might change after I set up a proper base station for HF but I am basically done with m$ after W10 so I should probably just settle in. LOL

@amatecha GridTracker? It's not truly a logging program but will read and send logs to various locations and show all kinds of award statuses. It does tie in nicely with wsjtx and similar but anything that sends data in that format can be used, or importing adif logs.

K8MRD has a quick review with FT8


The logging file format I am using is FLE ("fast log entry"), which lets you do logging in a very simple and straightforward text file format, and then generate ADIF files to import into your favorite tool (LotW, SOTA, POTA etc).

Specifically I am using FLEcli from #ON4KJM available here

and the vim mode for FLE from Michael @DK1MI

It might be part of some solution, as the tools are very cross-platform.

[ #FLE #FLEcli ]

@amatecha it's not directly logging software per say but grid tracker does do all the thing you mention if you enable them. Cross OS, can integrate with multiple online logs. Shows both grids and stations with a map. I personally run this on the system I'm working stations on and I keep N3FJP running on a windows PC but it wouldn't be required. Also I think some logging software such as N3FJP can run under windows emulation or wine.

@amatecha +1 for Cloudlog, and you can even get it hosted if it's easier that way.

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