East Sooke Regional Park, looking out to the Salish Sea. near Aylard Farm. ultra-serene area!

Ancer Research Group / Datacomp DFK121 mechanical keyboard (Futaba MA switches) from 1989. Subtle tactile press, clicky release. Never used any other keyboard with switches quite like this! It’s almost like buckling spring, but much easier to press. Very satisfying even if a bit noisy! 😄

almost forgot I had this! got it from a guy I was buying some old Mac software from via craigslist a few years ago.

Received these awesome stickers in the mail! Thanks @FiLiS , @mischa , @romanzolotarev , and the kids too! These are great haha, and I love the note. I’ll be happy to send a postcard. I’ll try to find a cool one that nicely depicts the atmosphere here! 😊

birdsite, poor ux 

it’s pretty ironic that this extraneous notification is trying to help me reduce extraneous notifications. It took 3+ restarts of the app for it to finally stop showing “1 unread” and this being the unread so-called notification 😂

Spotify pushing podcasts 

Spotify seems to be trying their very best to get me to stop using their service (I am NEVER going to listen to "podcasts" on their platform). As if it wasn't bad enough they're harassing me about podcasts, it's Joe Rogan of all things? What a mess.

sorting through some of my old tech items last night. so much cool stuff! Gravis GamePad, Iomega Jaz disk (1gb!!), and an MSI (or ATI?) MS4408 VGA card based on mach64 processor. I found a ton of other stuff like a Creative Sound Blaster, microphone from my first computer (still in orig box), 10baseT network switch, AppleTalk PhoneNET adapter… Soon my retro computer lab must be put together, to be sure!

"safe and secure"? on Google's servers? LOL

I need to migrate to another email service ASAP...

Firefox inserting Google into my Top Sites 

Sooo.. apparently Firefox injects some Google "top site" shit into my new tabs even though DDG is my default search engine? Looking at the source, it's not a real link, it's some "special" top site inserted in. I don't hit Google at all on this browser. Seems it's totally intentional: bleepingcomputer.com/news/soft

trying to install FreeBSD 

So frustrating, can’t even seem to boot FreeBSD install on my G5. No clue why, and “CLAIM failed” is an extremely terse error. Can’t find a thing online about it… gg

Signal forced update 

Oh, is it time to install the Conflict Of Interest update (to support payments with MobileCoin, a cryptocurrency that Signal CEO Moxie Marlinspike helped develop and undoubtedly has holdings in)?

I say that rhetorically, as I actually have no way of really knowing what will change in this update - maybe it will lock me out of my account and messages again if I don’t do something the developers demand, like adding a profile photo.

Always a fan of Apple’s systems. The further back you look, the more character their computers had IMO. :)

Backing up stuff from my VPS and came across the logs from when I was running a Merveilles Quake 3 server :) looks like it was a very close match haha

“Beginner’s guide to Macintosh assembly language”… forgot I printed this out, apparently almost 25 years ago(!!)… I couldn’t really follow it back then and I didn’t actually have any assembler/IDE software, but maybe now I can make some use of this! The draw of asm constantly pulls on me for years and years now (apparently MANY years hahaha). I will make _something_ … just dunno what! 😅 absolutely need some low-obligation fun over the holidays, maybe that could be it.

proprietary software (Signal) 

damn, actually can’t get past this now, so might really be locked out of signal for real this time (last time their shite code was buggy and allowed me past this blocker by entering a value into the text field and the deleting it, lolz)… entering a blank space doesn’t work (even tho I’m pretty sure they suggested doing that in the past). another piece of proprietary software exerting power over its users, as per usual. why do I have to have a fucking profile on here?

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