@shahaan @alcinnz hahah, no kidding eh? fortunately the reality wasn’t quite that bad, but yeah, phasers definitely primed and ready 😂

@KatLH @loke oscillating fan -> anti-idle device for MMOs or online games (tape a stick to it so it pushes a key on your keyboard) e.g. youtu.be/E3uoh15wn6s

@KatLH @loke oh, still functioning.

computer -> bedside table

phone/tablet -> flashlight (started out as unexpected/secondary, became standard/expected)

video card -> cryptocurrency mining

CPU/GPU -> SETI@home ;)

@KatLH @alcinnz here’s one that surprised me, but also didn’t: phone/tablet -> “massager” 😅

floppy disk -> drink coaster

usb/network/etc. cable -> rope

cheap USB TV tuner -> universal software-defined radio (RTL-SDR)

iMac -> aquarium

@shahaan @alcinnz “mom, dad, please stop posting my personal life on family members’ walls for all of their and your contacts to read. you basically just told ~1000 people I’m out of town for 2 weeks, not long after you just showed them all a picture of the new home I just moved to”, etc. 😅

@freedcreative @doctormo @lightweight @alcinnz I just wanted to drop in and say I really enjoyed reading this thread and appreciate seeing this interesting discussion happening, totally respectfully and thoughtfully. Cheers to all. :)

@mntmn Hmmm, yeah, I was intending to wait until LS1028A, not so much to save money but I'm not in a big rush and would love the higher-performance SOM. Also would want to run OpenBSD but it seems like support for it is not 100% (and I'm no C developer lol)… Which exact Atheros wifi card do you include? Curious if it is supported by man.openbsd.org/athn (I assume it would be, but having trouble finding out for sure)

@aw I feel that all unsolicited marketing should be illegal... heh

@ciel @neauoire @rosano (I know that’s not _exactly_ what @neauoire was touching on, but the “interminable access to your own content” aspect is quite closely related to “everyone else’s access to your content”) ;)

@ciel @neauoire @rosano I think for me the problem is the lack of backwards compatibility and peoples’ total disregard for it. Sure add tons of flashy animations and webgl etc., but if you want to actually share responsibly, you must consider progressive enhancement. For people who can’t get their hands on a newer computer (or simply don’t want to spend the money or change their software), people who require assistive technology to access digital content, etc.

@kensanata this is pretty neat, thanks for sharing all these details. I had no clue, there are already bots on gemini? strange. I remember when bots came to Hotline. many server admins would ban them or even run their own bot to detect the crawlers and kick/ban them (IIRC… it was a long time ago). I like the idea of all users being actual users, for so many reasons.

@technomancy Ooh nice. Alps switches? This is super cool, but I’m in Canada. very cool of you to do this either way - and happy birthday! 🥳🎉

semi-related I built myself an “alps64” from the remnants of a dead Apple Extended Keyboard II… such a nice lil board. gets lots of comments from coworkers haha (can see it in the middle here flickr.com/photos/amatecha/495 ) 😊

@liaizon ehh it seems like literally just phone numbers and a numeric ranking and literally nothing else. (saw a screenshot of the sample data someone posted on twitter)

@neauoire monaco has always been my favorite font for code. so clean and readable. plus the bit of nostalgia for system 6/7 or course haha ;)


for personal computer: probably Macintosh System 7.

for mobile: iOS, version 4 or 5 I guess? each new major release, the less accessible it became, IMO. less simple. in the earlier versions, the UI was so simple and there wasn’t actually a lot you could do. less to figure out, less to accidentally screw up :)

@yogthos @ParadeGrotesque huh, strangely I didn’t see this response in my Notifications - only saw it by looking at my toot and seeing your response below! strange. maybe some network error or bug or something /shrug

@yogthos @ParadeGrotesque Conversely, in 2021 i switched from Chrome to Firefox. No intention of ever switching back. 😊

@cancel @neauoire @peregrine FWIW I grabbed old C source of hx (hotline client for *nix) from ~1999, compiled and ran it on my brand new FreeBSD install in 2021. works fine, I used it for days without issue. 👍

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