@jectoons @atomicpoet @Hyolobrika yeah these types can only dish their propaganda but can’t take a shred of questioning and in fact have a worldview based on an “us vs them” mentality, nearly eager for conflict. wish they put their energy towards truly bettering the world rather than just trying to assert power and ideology

@tindall oh what? that sounds awesome… gotta look into these mods now 👀

@atomicpoet dang, awesome. still waiting in line to order my 512gb edition 😓

@someodd hahaha tbh I did the exact same thing the first time. I answered the question. they should alter the wording there 😅

@aynish @dualhammers random protip I learned a year or two ago, you can stirfry with water instead of oil! I often do this with mushrooms or peppers. oil totally not necessary 👍 just figured I’d share since I never thought of it until someone suggested it! haha

@someodd Debian is indeed freakin’ awesome. I’m glad you’re trying OpenBSD as I’ve found it extremely similar to my experience with Debian where it “just works” and works well. Debian is my standard expectation level of Linux and OpenBSD is my standard expectation level of a BSD-like haha :)

I really wish people would stop using Cloudflare for their sites. I’m getting more and more frequently blocked from sites (literally getting 403 Forbidden pages) apparently because I’m running OpenBSD. I can fire up the exact same browser (Firefox 99.0) on any other OS or computer in my home, with the exact same preferences/config (AFAIK) and browse the exact same content just fine. 🤔 shit’s getting old.

@N9DRB ooohh right, makes sense! similar to other digital modes, I guess. cool… definitely gotta try it out… first step, figuring out how to connect a computer to my radio! I guess many digital modes can just use an audio cable and then VOX on the radio… 🤔

@michael nice! the older systems are the best for sure. I have many of them… so many awesome, imaginative games and simpler systems. For the Xbox you can actually set it to automatically update the OS and games. Not ideal either (as I don’t like my stuff randomly changing from day to day, another reason older systems are better), but at least it takes away that annoying “surprise! update!” aspect

@neauoire @gustav @coffe @rostiger I remember when I used to have to pick up a thick paper bus schedule from the bus station or one of the corner stores that sells bus passes, and I’d have to keep that folded up in my pocket everywhere I go with me. I wonder if translink still makes those… they ought to! I’ll be ticked if they don’t…

@renata @CodingItWrong it’s unfortunately the case that many people don’t discern between facts and subjective opinion/judgement. I wish such clarity was a fundamental part of basic education because it seems like a prerequisite for a whole range of societal structure/functioning, IMO…

@michael oooh what is that slick dipole center insulator? way nicer than my “IKEA container lid chopped in half with some holes drilled into it” hahah 😅

@N9DRB whaaa!! so cool! what band (or is it always on a certain fixed freq)?

@thenewoil “Kern High School District police chief” … “KHSD police officers”… 😬 you know your society is failing when school districts have their own police force 🤔 holy crap

@w8emv yeah, the code plug thing is weird, and quite a hassle. the tech is inherently a bit convoluted. I have an AnyTone D868UV but unfortunately it has acquired an odd problem where the audio suddenly fades out and is only restored by cranking the volume (and apparently that will stop working eventually). I can’t rely on the radio now which is really disappointing… so, I was just getting started with DMR and have to troubleshoot this hardware issue already 😞 not the best experience so far

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