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East Sooke Regional Park, looking out to the Salish Sea. near Aylard Farm. ultra-serene area!

I have to wonder how broad of browser compatibility they aim for… will they care about a site not working for me in netsurf or dillo? lynx?

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Report Web Compatibility Bugs

“When a site works in one browser but not another, that is most likely a web compatibility bug that we want to know about.” 😃

not-so-old computer challenge 

I’m kinda doing “old computer challenge” by using a $20 2009 macbook pro running FreeBSD. 😅 the touchpad doesn’t work properly (can’t right click), I can’t dim the screen😎, I don’t think it can sleep, and once I’ve loaded into X the system can never display in textmode again until I reboot (?!??)… so, it’s definitely a challenge. but at least it’s fun. I’m using i3wm since ppl are always raving about it. seems rad, tho I seem to keep creating extra “containers”…

win 11 requirements 

I'm really curious if this is more like a "vendor expectations" thing or if the OS literally won't install on your laptop if it doesn't have a front-facing camera?

On top of the whole "requiring TPM" thing, I'm just raising my hands like ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

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win 11 requirements 

Windows 11 Minimum Hardware Requirements:

"Starting from January 1, 2023, all Device Types except Desktop PC, are required to have Forward-facing camera which meets the following requirements [...]"

Direct link to PDF

rant about govt vaccine propaganda 

BC govt ad before a YT video: “get vaccinated and we can all get on with life”… that’s really thoughtful wording. 🤔 I’ll let my friend know to get vaccinated so he can “get on with life” after his mom died from COVID. All the “let’s go back to normal” bullshit is starting to get REALLY old. For so many people, there’s no going back to how it was before this pandemic. There’s no excuse for the provincial govt to invalidate that experience.

One thing that really impresses me on these old tracks is they have great production, e.g. high quality mixing with great use of panning, and huge variety in sound design. I also noticed some really slight mistakes in the synth performance which revealed they are not all MIDI-sequenced -- impressive! Total respect 🤜 🤛

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Downright obsessed with these songs by Биоконструктор (Bioconstructor) , listening constantly for days. Pure 80's gloomy synthpop from USSR

Ancer Research Group / Datacomp DFK121 mechanical keyboard (Futaba MA switches) from 1989. Subtle tactile press, clicky release. Never used any other keyboard with switches quite like this! It’s almost like buckling spring, but much easier to press. Very satisfying even if a bit noisy! 😄

solar pi 

trying to figure out how I can make my little Pi 4 +touchscreen system completely solar-powered (I already have a panel)… it *should* be possible but maybe not, I’m guessing the display may be too power-hungry… eventually I’ll figure it out! maybe can find a more efficient display and design my own case or something. dunno, just love the idea of having a cool little computer that can be completely off-grid! macbook doesn’t count lol 😂

almost forgot I had this! got it from a guy I was buying some old Mac software from via craigslist a few years ago.

@wlonk Ah interestingly, the account seems to have been activated anyways. No idea then! lol

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@wlonk Hey there, I tried to register on wheretofindme but somehow the activation link got an error, "Activation failed" and "Something went wrong. Please get in touch with us and we'll sort it out." ... any way I can debug/troubleshoot? sign up again?

Received these awesome stickers in the mail! Thanks @FiLiS , @mischa , @romanzolotarev , and the kids too! These are great haha, and I love the note. I’ll be happy to send a postcard. I’ll try to find a cool one that nicely depicts the atmosphere here! 😊

3 yr old OS gradually becoming “obsolete”, VS Code 

also, Chrome won’t update anymore and Steam won’t run either… I find it both frustrating and hilarious. If I want my shit to work at all, I have to accept a boat load of unilateral user-hostile changes to my computer with zero wiggle room. Great work all around.

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3 yr old OS gradually becoming “obsolete”, VS Code 

Visual Studio Code on my old MacBook auto-updated itself and thereafter stopped launching because it now requires a newer version of OSX than the MacBook is running. Except their website says my MacBook’s OS version is supported. 😂 I tweeted them about it, no response so far. 👍

birdsite, poor ux 

it’s pretty ironic that this extraneous notification is trying to help me reduce extraneous notifications. It took 3+ restarts of the app for it to finally stop showing “1 unread” and this being the unread so-called notification 😂

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