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Figuring out all the important stuff like making my keyboard backlight turn on when the machine resumes from sleep 👌 😁

Anyone ever dealt with ( in my case) going to sleep randomly, for no reason, because it thinks the lid is closed? Even happens in BIOS setup or liveusb. I put a magnet in front of hall sensor and it behaves as expected, so I'm really stumped as it seems the sensor works properly. Motherboard power issue?

argh... annnd it's going to sleep constantly for no reason. great. this is why I only buy used technology from coworkers...

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I got an old thinkpad, X230! pretty stoked. what a sleek little machine! now to figure out about locking this thing down a bit and getting a new OS installed (prev owner has Win10 on it). 240gb SDD and 4gb of RAM. easily upgradeable too if I wanted to (and one of the reasons I bought it).

Power Glove - Night Force :audio:

damn nice "synthwave" , with a gritty edge .. my fave track from this band for sure. They really excel at this style. There are a few other tracks from them that are pretty style-compatible like "Crypt", "Nightmare" and "Motorcycle Cop". 🎶

I love this post. Resonates so strongly with me.

> I realised that my life while using Apple products is controlled by Product Managers/Owners who want to get a raise, rather than by technology people who share the same passion as me. And I wanted to change that.

love this lesser-known Annie Lennox / Eurythmics song, “Julia” … so melancholy, and the vocoder harmony adds such a great ethereal feeling to the vocals. good video, too. nothing over the top and quite emotive. great stuff. had it stuck in my head all day!

East Sooke Regional Park, looking out to the Salish Sea. near Aylard Farm. ultra-serene area!

I have to wonder how broad of browser compatibility they aim for… will they care about a site not working for me in netsurf or dillo? lynx?

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Report Web Compatibility Bugs

“When a site works in one browser but not another, that is most likely a web compatibility bug that we want to know about.” 😃

not-so-old computer challenge 

I’m kinda doing “old computer challenge” by using a $20 2009 macbook pro running FreeBSD. 😅 the touchpad doesn’t work properly (can’t right click), I can’t dim the screen😎, I don’t think it can sleep, and once I’ve loaded into X the system can never display in textmode again until I reboot (?!??)… so, it’s definitely a challenge. but at least it’s fun. I’m using i3wm since ppl are always raving about it. seems rad, tho I seem to keep creating extra “containers”…

win 11 requirements 

I'm really curious if this is more like a "vendor expectations" thing or if the OS literally won't install on your laptop if it doesn't have a front-facing camera?

On top of the whole "requiring TPM" thing, I'm just raising my hands like ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

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win 11 requirements 

Windows 11 Minimum Hardware Requirements:

"Starting from January 1, 2023, all Device Types except Desktop PC, are required to have Forward-facing camera which meets the following requirements [...]"

Direct link to PDF

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