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TFW you're playing a competitive game and you die from a projectile that missed you by this much. Nice hit boxes... there's a gap more than double the width of my character's model but that shit still hit me. Cool.

"Bandcamp will keep operating as a standalone marketplace and music community" .... yeah, for the next X months until they rebuild it all as part of Epic Store app.

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Found some cool old stuff. Adobe Magazine(!) from 1997 and ComputerLife magazine, also from 1997, with an interview with Rand Miller. Will have to get better photos and send that to him. Love digging through this stuff. I have a bunch more as well, some 90’s graphic design catalogues featuring fonts, clip-art, software etc… oh got a MacWarehouse issue even! haha

Anyone who has PGP-enabled email other than ProtonMail I can try sending a quick test PGP-encrypted email to? Trying to troubleshoot this iOS client issue so I can get ProtonMail support to actually fix their shit :)

Lazy PGP noob question: I have PGP-enabled email now. Is it sufficient to just post my fingerprint on places (since it can be looked up on key servers) or do I need to also provide the email address and full public key? I'm reluctant to put the address in plaintext cuz spam of course

Ohh nice, the book "OCaml from the Very Beginning" has been made available for free, in various formats!

"A book for those new to programming, or new to functional programming, or just new to OCaml."

I mean, it’s intended to be a thin client for X so it should theoretically still work just fine… I might have to try it out (tho with zero documentation I don’t know how these “boot” or connect to an X server)

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so I’ve had this seemingly-useless old thin terminal PC for years. got it from Value Village for $10, suspecting the nondescript gray “pizza box” might be something interesting. I knew it was Motorola-powered but I just checked and it quite interestingly has a Motorola 88k processor (MC8100RC20)!!! very cool! I don’t really have any use for it but… pretty neat artifact. The machine is a Network Computing Devices MCX-L from 1992 and unfortunately I can find very little about it online.

does anyone know of any courses/training to teach about “green coding” best practices and teaching that mindset etc.?

Aw sweeet, found a nice concise free online course for passing the Canadian amateur radio exam…

is a podcast really a podcast if it’s only available on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify? if there’s no audio file to download it’s not a podcast, IMO!

Here’s to a better year in 2022. though the “new year” is just the incrementation of a number we use to mark a point in time, it can signify the bringing in of new opportunities and learnings. may you have lots of excellent, rewarding experiences alongside moments of growth, enjoyment and love in the coming year. 😊🥳

booted into sheepshaver to connect to a friend’s KDX server. reminded me how awesome OS 9 was. I miss a *lot* from those days of desktop computing!

@cancel ah, nice to see you spotted the HN thread with all the mentions of ripcord! was thinking to ping you until I just noticed you responded to someone on there 😄 pretty cool to see so many people mention ripcord 👌

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